Behind the Scenes Of Jennifer Lopez’s Alleged Rude Behavior

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As rumors continue to swirl about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, a woman on Twitter (X) has seized opportunity to air out the vocalist for allegedly being rude and “nasty” among other things.

Earlier this week a woman whose username is @moirawebb shared multiple personal stories from her time working at a private airport in Long Island, during which she claims she dealt with JLo on several occasions. In her initial message, the woman appears to reference the reports circulating that Affleck and Lopez’s marriage could be in jeopardy by alluding to her failed relationships as being her karmic return for bad behavior.

“I worked at a private airport on Long Island when J. Lo was still w/ Marc Anthony. I can confirm she is a nightmare person. I have so many stories about her being a rude and nasty person. It’s gross to say but each time she “fails” at anything, it delights me,” @moirawebb wrote.

As she continued in the thread, the user described some of JLo’s demands whenever flying out of the airport, which allegedly included a standing catering order that called for a bucket of KFC chicken.

“1st story; She had a standing catering order, even if she was only going 20mins away that included a KFC bucket. She was flying out in the AM before they open and her team freaked out that we didn’t have it. I was demanded to go get some and was given some cash by her team,” the user wrote in the tweet.

Apparently, even though it was the morning, well before KFC was opened, the woman found a KFC that was willing to honor the request, only for the “Jenny From The Block” singer to depart from the airport without the food that her team went hysterical for in the first place.

The woman also described an incident where JLo allegedly blew up on staff at the airport when she landed one night, and was the only passenger at the terminal, but allegedly told the workers she felt exposed. Apparently, she even instructed her security detail to harass the workers, according to the woman’s account.

“2nd story: She landed at night and was the only person in our waiting room. She bugged out that she felt exposed. (It was only me) When she used the PUBLIC restroom she made her security guard block it off. He then threatened the janitor who was vacuuming near the door,” the woman wrote in the tweet.

In another similar incident, JLo is accused of terrorizing a flight crew member because the fresh fruit tray scheduled to be apart of her rider wasn’t available at the time of boarding. Not to mention, there are several additional accounts from Twitter (X) users in the thread who also claim to have encounters with her in which JLo was a real diva. One user claims his friend worked at a hotel she once shot a video at and alleges workers were told not to speak with, nor make eye contact with her during the shoot.

Check out the tweets from the thread above.

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