What to Watch: Ordinary Joe, The Big Leap, Goliath


Are you ready for premiere week?

The busiest week of the year is upon us. There is a wealth of new and returning TV shows coming your way this week.

As usual, you’re going to need to pick what you want to watch live because many of these shows are on the broadcast networks.

Check out what we recommend.

WTW Sept 18

Sunday, September 19

8/7c Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark)

It’s the week of Jess and David’s wedding, and Jess is panicking.

Abby hits another stumbling block with the hotel project, and a surprising argument with Evan doesn’t make it any easier.

And Abby and Bree’s wedding plus ones stir up some excitement on the big day!

8/7c Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz)

While Lou-Lou’s life hangs in the balance, Marvin seeks revenge.

Elsewhere, Raq makes a decision about Howard, and whether or not to tell Kanan about him.

With only one episode left this season, things are about to get wild. And we have a feeling not everyone is going to make it out alive.

8/7c Fantasy Island (Fox)

The season finale (what, already?) focuses on personal realizations once again. Seriously, is this the best form of therapy ever or what?

Leslie Jordan (Call Me Kat) guest stars as a young artist’s mentor who questions his influence on young minds.

Meanwhile, things come to a head for Ruby. Could this be the end of her time on Fantasy Island?

9/8c Animal Kingdom (TNT)

Are the Cody boys prepared to take out a cop?

After Chadwick took out a fed for the Codys and left them to clean it up, they must decide if they’re willing to continue their alliance with a wild card.

Meanwhile, Craig and Deran search for a new mark with Frankie’s assistance.

10/9c American Rust (Showtime)

This week on American Rust, Del goes to bat for Billy without knowing the circumstances of his involvement with Novick’s death. Maybe the less he knows, the better.

The whole town comes together to celebrate a wedding, proving they do know how to have a good time.

And Isaac’s dream to leave Buell behind comes true, but it doesn’t roll out as he hoped.

Monday, September 20

Y: The Last Man (FX on Hulu)

Yorick and Agent 355 butt heads as they make their way to Boston.

Sam and Hero travel towards to DC, but Hero will do anything she can to avoid a reunion with her mother.

Hero’s medical skills prove valuable to Nora and Mackenzie — until someone else shows up demanding help.

8/7c Roswell, New Mexico (CW)

Now that the gang has Max back, the race is on to find a way to switch him and Jones back. Which means, Liz and Max have some work to do!

Meanwhile, Alex gets in over his head, and Isobel starts investigating a piece of the bigger alien puzzle.

Things get juicy during this hour, as we head into the final episodes of the season. You won’t want to miss this one!

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

9-1-1 is back, baby!

And it wouldn’t be a season premiere without a disaster of epic proportions.

This season we find our favorite first responders navigating the challenges of a citywide blackout, which will leave Los Angeles in total disarray.

You never want to miss a 9-1-1 premiere, and this one is no different!

9/8c The Big Leap (FOX)

Brace yourselves for one of the most charming series premieres of the season!

Simone Recasner shines as Gabby Lewis, the lead of this impressively star-studded series about a woman who joins a reality dance show for a second chance at following her dreams.

If that sounds simplistic, we assure you the series is anything but. It’s the perfect post-pandemic, funny, relatable, uplifting series about seizing life, second chances, and following your dreams, and you’re going to fall in love with this show moments into the premiere!

10/9c Ordinary Joe (NBC)

NBC’s new heartfelt drama comes at the perfect time

James Wolk starts as Joe Kimbreau, who is faced with a pivotal life-changing decision aat his college graduation.

We’ll see him in three parallel stories exploring different careers, relationships, and how certain decisions mirror each other.

Tuesday, September 21

Only Murders In The Building (Hulu)

A new listener to the podcast triggers a re-evaluation of the Tim Kono case.

The stopover in Bayport becomes a family affair for Mabel. Oscar and Mabel get real about their feelings.

Teddy makes Oliver and Charles an offer they should refuse — but will they?

8/7c Queen Sugar (OWN)

When Nova said Billie “owed her,” what exactly did that mean? Whatever it was, it made Billie back down. In “You Would Come Back Different” we learn more about Billie’s history with the Bordelon family.

It looks like Charley and Davis may finally take their rekindled romance public, while Nova deals with some troubling information, and Ralph Angel’s finances continue to be a problem.

Will he come clean with Darla before their baby’s born?

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

The highly-anticipated premiere of The Resident is here, and we get to see Conrad in full-blown Dad Mode!

The hospital is under attack by a ransom hacker, and it sends the ER haywire while Chastain’s finest battle to save a father and daughter in a puzzling case that has personal connections for AJ.

Hottest new couple of Chastain Devon and Leela figure out the next stage in their relationship, and one of Chastain’s own may be in peril. Check out this new promo with this phenomenal cast discussing the season!

8/7c FBI (CBS)

Are you ready for FBI Tuesdays?!

The FBI franchise has expanded, and they’re coming in hot with a three-part crossover that starts with the exciting premiere of FBI at its new time.

The team investigates when a young woman is killed coming home from a affluent yacht party with a host of suspects from all over the world. One of the suspects includes a veteran with their hands in some special ops which prompts Maggie to reach out to FBI: Most Wanted’s Crosby for assistance!

8/7c Stargirl (The CW)

When the guilt over Brainwave’s death becomes too much to handle, Yolanda is forced to make a heartbreaking decision.

What exactly could that decision be?

Is Yolanda about to leave the JSA?

9/8c FBI: Most Wanted

Picking up where FBI leaves off, a case that involves the death of two women expands to a full-blown manhunt as the team unravels a criminal enterprise and searches for who is behind it.

We can also expect this dovetail into an introduction to the newest FBI series to join the family, FBI: International.

9/8c Our Kind of People (FOX)

Fans of Empire and Star needn’t look any further than this series of haves versus the have nots starring Chicago Med’s Yaya Dacosta.

A single mom infiltrates the elite society of Oak Bluff, hoping to reclaim her family’s name and provide a life for her family that she didn’t have. However, she’ll uncover some dark secrets about her mother and the past.

Check out the juicy, drama-filled, soapy trailer!

10/9c FBI: International (CBS)

When the leader of a criminal enterprise escapes the Most Wanted team’s clutches and heads to Zagreb with a young teen, the FBI International team jumps into action.

Stationed in Budapest, this fly team travels to Croatia to rescue the victim.

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

Are you ready for a season of love?!

Sharpwin fans, our time is here, and we dive headfirst into the bliss that is Max and Helen finally getting together, and goodness it’s STEAMY. Oh yes, we’ll find out just what exactly happened after that door shuts.

Grab your popcorn because the premiere is going to be muy caliente!

Wednesday, September 22

Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu)

It’s finale time! Will our questions be answered?

Masha doses herself and the Marconi family so they can reconnect with their loved ones.

She locks the others up in a room so they can’t escape. Will the police find them in time?

8/7c Survivor (CBS)

Survivor’s back, baby!

After being on hiatus since May 2020, the original reality competition series is back with season 41!

Host Jeff Probst promises a game that’s harder than ever, as 18 castaways will be forced to endure the most intense conditions ever experienced on Survivor.

It all kicks off with what promises to be an action-packed two-hour premiere! Don’t miss it!

9/8c The Conners (ABC)

The Conners Season 4 premiere goes LIVE on both the east and west coasts!

After Ben turned down Darlene’s marriage proposal during the season 3 finale, where does that leave the couple? Have they broken up? On a break? Is their hope for reconciliation?

And don’t forget that Louise said YES to Dan! Which means we should get at least some wedding plans in the Conner household.

No matter what happens, it sounds like big changes are coming to Lanford and it will be happening LIVE, so tune in to find out.

8/7c Chicago Med (NBC)

Chicago Med has a ton of drama to send our way!

After two-high profile exits at the end of Chicago Med Season 6, I’m excited to meet newbies Stevie Hammer (Kristen Hager) and Dylan Scott (Guy Lockhard).

In addition, Sharon (S Epatha Merkerson) will have to work hard to keep her hospital running smoothly, between Will’s sacrificing his job for Natalie and Choi getting shot… the latter of which means that the obnoxious and arrogant Dr. Archer (Steven Webb) is temporarily in charge of the ED! Almost EVERYONE is guaranteed to butt heads with him, and I can’t wait!

8/7c Riverdale (The CW)

Has the Lonely Highway claimed another victim?

That is the burning question Tabitha is hoping to solve. With help from Jughead and Betty, the trio plans to figure out the truth of the latest disappearance.

Also, Penelope plants doubt in Kevin’s head about the ministry and Cheryl. Could this be her way to steal control away from her daughter?

9/8c Chicago Fire (NBC)

That was one heck of a cliffhanger. In the season premiere, Firehouse 51 deals with the aftermath of the capsized boat rescue.

Does this mean someone from Squad 3 dies?

Elsewhere, Gallo, Ritter and Violet discuss plans for a side gig

9/8c In the Dark (The CW)

We were left on a hell of a cliffhanger when Murphy and Trey, both of whom are on the run from the cops, came face to face with one of the cops assigned to track them, Sarah.

When they’re painted into a corner with limited options, Murphy and Trey make a desperate move that could change everything.

Meanwhile, Murphy is still determined to find Jess.

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

Burgess’ life hung in the balance and now we’ll learn if she fought for her life or succumbs to her injuries.

Miller and the team work double-time to track down those responsible for the death of Miller’s son and the near-death of Burgess, but Hailey and Voight must work harder to cover their tracks after the events in the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Jay has an important decision to make regarding his romantic future with Hailey.

10/9c A Million Little Things (ABC)

What the HELL did Gary do to Peter?!

After a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that left AMLT Fanatics reeling, we’re about to learn what happened behind those closed doors, and Gary is still struggling with the aftermath of it.

We’ll also see some forward movement in determining who hit Eddie, leaving him paralyzed as Eddie begins to look into that accident that changed everything in his life.

Thursday, September 23

Kin (AMC+)

Tensions are high as Jamie’s funeral brings out the best and worst in everyone — and a few surprising attendees.

Will Jimmy and Michael follow through with their promise to Amanda?

Is damage control now beyond Frank’s abilities?

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+)

It’s the Boimler and Mariner show this week, with the two of them facing off against a sentient computer when they’re stranded.

Meanwhile, Billups is in the spotlight when Engineering becomes a battleground.

Beam up for adventure, fellow fans, we don’t have many left to savor!

Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

The greatest superhero team the world’s ever rejected is back!

After Season 2’s COVID-shortened finale, we return to discover how Dorothy’s showdown with the Candlemaker turns out. It’s a battle that won’t end well for everyone.

Season 3 kicks off with a triple-decker premiere. You’re not going to want to miss a second!

8/7c Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

SVU’s historic 23rd season is guaranteed to start off with a bang, as it’s already been reported that Deputy Chief Garland and Kat Tamin are both OUT! This two-hour premiere promises to be among the most powerful stories the long-running franchise has offered so far as the team picks up where they left off with trying to hold powerful people accountable for sex trafficking.

The spoiler video suggests that the bad guys may sabotage Benson’s car, putting her life in danger and leaving Stabler to beg her to stay alive… will this lead to the Benson/Stabler hookup that the stars have been teasing everywhere? And could Kat meet a tragic fate as her storyline draws to a close?

The spoiler video doesn’t even touch Rollins and Carisi’s hookup, but there is sure to be plenty of relationship and crime drama as worlds literally collide! I’m all in for all of this!

10/8c Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC)

The newest member of the Law & Order franchise is going to have to pack a LOT into just one hour!

We’ll find out whether Angela Wheatley survived the poisoning attack, most likely learn whether Richard Wheatley is getting out of jail, and meet the new mob bosses that Stabler and Bell will be working on taking down next!

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 promises three eight-episode arcs, and the first will start tonight. Meanwhile, there may be plenty of drama on the Stabler/Benson front depending on whether Benson has recovered from the accident she’ll suffer on Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 1. This is all must-watch TV!

Friday, September 24

Goliath (Amazon Prime)

Billy Bob Thornton returns for the final season of Goliath, and the often down-on-his-luck attorney goes after the giant of all giants, the opioid industry.

Patty is on track to make partner at her firm, and nobody wins big cases like Billy McBride. When someone in her firm disappears, Billy takes his place and stirs things up a bit.

The final season brings new characters onboard played by J.K. Simmons, Bruce Dern, and Jenna Malone to cause a little trouble and make things interesting.

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