Sex Education Season 3 Episode 5 Review: The Trip


When I think of school trips on TV, nothing will ever match up to Sex Education Season 3 Episode 5.

There were big moments for the core characters and their relationships, a terrifying but comedic incident with a sock full of poo being hurled out of a bus window, and so much more.

It was a perfect hour that successfully moved many of the plots in new and intriguing directions.

We have to start with Maeve and Otis because the universe has seemingly been pulling them apart … until now.

Otis being upset about Isaac’s manipulation was warranted. Had Isaac not deleted the voicemail, Maeve and Otis could be in a flourishing relationship by this point.

Maeve was visibly touched by the true context of the voicemail, and even though they shared a kiss, it won’t be plain sailing for them.

Maeve might have forgiven Isaac and embarked on a relationship with him, but she’s going to struggle with the notion that she cheated on him by kissing Otis.

It’s a complicated state of affairs, but this might give Maeve some much-needed perspective.

Boy: Did you hear about Ruby?
Girl: I know, can you imagine getting dumped by Otis Milburn?

Rushing into a relationship with anyone is not a good idea, but when there are this many red flags, something’s got to give.

Isaac will be shocked to learn Maeve told Otis, and the rivalry between the two boys will probably reach a boiling point in the coming episodes.

Otis needs to tell Isaac what he thinks of him because Isaac robbed him of a relationship with Maeve, and it’s not like Isaac has had any sort of comeuppance.

He perfectly orchestrated a way to get back into Maeve’s life through her mother, and I suspect he’s going to fly off the handle if he hears about the kiss.

Then again, he did come clean to Maeve much quicker than I thought he would, but it’s still hard to trust him in any given scenario.

Maeve needs to learn to swallow her pride once in a while. Aimee’s mother paying for the school trip was a lovely gesture that should have resonated with Maeve.

Maeve thinking Anna made the payment seemed out of the left-field, but I’m starting to get the feeling Maeve is looking at Anna as a mother figure in some aspects.

Anna has been the warm female parental figure she needed in her life when she was yearning for her mother. Anna doesn’t have any obligation to help Maeve in any way, but you can tell she feels bad for the teenager and wants to help.

Adam: I, uh, didn’t steal your boyfriend.
Rahim: That’s exactly what you did.

Hopefully, Aimee and Maeve can patch their friendship up before long because they truly are one of the constants of the series.

Witnessing them arguing was not nice and ultimately hurt them both.

The scene with Rahim in the toilet, Cal and Jackson high, and the car windscreen being smacked with the turd in the sock was hilarious.

It was flawlessly executed and the cast delivered in the acting department.

Cal and Jackson started the season not knowing each other, but it’s visibly clear they understand each other, so I’m intrigued to see where their relationship goes.

Jackson seems all-in, while Cal seems more reserved, clearly not wanting to have their feelings hurt.

Adam helping Rahim was a true shocker. Rahim has been insufferable, but Adam knew how the whole school would turn on his nemesis should the truth come out.

Adam was a bully initially, but he’s slowly realizing that actions have consequences and that it’s always best to think about the scenario at hand.

Kyle: I really liked AImee, you know?
Steve: Oh, really?
Kyle: She was really nice and a total fuck machine. You’re a really lucky guy.
Steve: That was so inappropriate.

In this instance, it was far more believable Adam did the deed, and he understood as much. This also helped build a bridge between the two enemies, and maybe they won’t be as competitive in the future.

Let’s hope Hope doesn’t find out about Adam because that will not go down well at the school.

Jean and Hope’s run-in at the hospital was a nice way of showing the differing views of these two women.

Hope is all about pro-abstinence, but Jean is quite the opposite. It was good to see the two women speak about how they felt about certain subjects, but the wider purpose of these scenes was to show that Hope was struggling to conceive.

This was clearly a way for the writers to delve deeper into the character of Hope without giving too much away. She does have all the makings of a villain, but there appears to be more going on with the character than we first realized.

Hopefully, she can find a way to reverse some of her damage to the school and the students.

Jean going off on the gynecologist was on-brand. The dude was rude, dismissive, and tried to make her feel like crap for having a child later in life.

You don’t cross Jean Milburn and expect to get away with it.

Doctor: Everything looks normal. You don’t want to know the sex. Have you changed your mind?
Jean: No thanks. I’d rather wait.
Doctor: Many older mothers make that choice. They want to focus on getting through the pregnancy safely. Now, you are aware there’s a higher chance of miscarriage, genetic abnormalities, fetal growth —
Jean: Yes, I’ve been reminded of the risks many times. Thank you. I didn’t go into this lightly.
Doctor: Yes, modern science is allowing women like yourself to have babies older and older now.
Jean: You don’t sound as if you approve.
Doctor: Well, it’s easy to forget that being an elderly parent can have a negative impact on your children’s lives.
Jean: Do you have children, doctor?
Doctor: Yes, two.
Jean: And do you think having a kingsize arsehole for a father had a negative impact on their lives, too? I want to talk to your superior.

The run-in with one of Jean’s former conquests cast even more doubt on the relationship between Jean and Jakob.

Everything is working against them, and now that Jakob has admitted he doesn’t trust Jean, it will cause a lot of animosity between them.

It would be great if they could work things out, but it now seems very unlikely.

What are your thoughts on the trip?

Are you surprised about Jean and Jakob’s latest drama?

Are you happy Otis and Maeve kissed?

Hit the comments.

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