Rick Ross Revels In Kendrick Lamar’s Drake Diss & Trolls Zack Bia

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Drake’s foe Rick Ross thoroughly enjoyed Kendrick Lamar’s new diss track “6:16 in LA,” which dropped on Friday (May 3). Rozay reposted various reactions to the song on social media.

One post featured a user noting how Kendrick proved they should be “hating harder,” which put a smile on Ross’ face. Ross also joked about Drake’s pal Zack Bia, a DJ/promoter mentioned on Kendrick’s latest diss track.

“You playing dirty with propaganda, it blow up on ya/You’re playing nerdy with Zack Bia and Twitter bots/But your reality can’t hide behind Wi-Fi/Your lil’ memes is losing steam, they figured you out/The forced opinions is not convincing, y’all need a new route/It’s time that you look around on who’s around you/Before you figure that you’re not alone, ask what Mike would do,” Kendrick rapped.

Rozay referred to Drake and Bia as “Hall and Oates” in an Instagram comment.

Kendrick’s “6:16 in LA” was his second Drake diss track released this week. K. Dot dropped “euphoria” on Tuesday (April 30). Ross advised Drake to bow out of the battle after listening to “euphoria.”

“Look, white boy, I know we not friends,” Ross told Drake. “But lemme give you this advice ‘cause you ain’t got nobody ‘round you. Or you ain’t got no real n##### ‘round you. Lemme just put it like that. Ain’t no real n#####. Stop! Don’t respond. You ain’t even peep when the intro came on with the Teddy Pendergrass. That was that Black vibe.”

He added, “Don’t do it. Don’t go write an eight-minute verse that—I know, n####. [Lil] Yachty, I know you want to get that money. You ain’t wrong, n####. Keep buying them big houses. But I’ma tell you this like a real n####. Ain’t no more BBLs. Ain’t no more ass fillers. Ain’t no more cheek fillers.”

Listen to Kendrick’s “6:16 in LA” below.

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