Joel Omans Announces Departure From Rings of Saturn


Bay Area deathcore band Rings of Saturn are finally in the news for a reason that doesn’t involve the antics of Lucas Mann, or the band arguing with fans about turning instrumental-only.

The band’s guitarist Joel Omans announced his departure from Rings of Saturn after 10 non-consecutive years. Omans has been with the band since 2011 and was on four of their six albums, with the only albums he didn’t contribute to being 2010’s Embryonic Anomaly which was released prior to him joining the band, and the 2017 Ultu Ulla which was released while Omans was on a hiatus and was temporarily replaced with Miles Dimitri Baker for a short time.

Omans released a statement on his Instagram, stating:

“After 10 collective years with Rings Of Saturn, I have decided today to leave the band.

“I had a great run co-creating 4 of the 6 albums the band has released. I got to travel the world and meet a ton of amazing people. I am truly grateful for it all.

“Thanks to all the fans who have supported the band and myself over the years. Onto the next chapter.”

With Omans out, the Rings of Saturn lineup dwindles down to just Lucas Mann and drummer Ryan Sinnott who was announced as a member of the band earlier this year. So with only Mann and one new member making up the current lineup of Rings of Saturn, many in the comments section of Omans’ announcement are either predicting the end of Rings of Saturn or else suggesting that ending the band might be the best idea at this point. Whether or not Mann is willing to put aside his ego enough to do that remains to be seen.

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