Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Should Chloe Choose?


Brady and Philip vied for Chloe’s affections, Xander caught Gwen with Dr. Snyder’s pills, Ciara sent Ben divorce papers, and Chanel wants Alice’s famous donut recipe!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Tony from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate whether Chanel deserves Alice’s donuts, if Kristen is really as gone as Brady claims, who Chloe should end up with next, what Gwen should tell Xander, and more…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Allie let Chanel have Alice’s donut recipe?

Jack: I have mixed feelings about this. I love that Chanel finally has found a bigger purpose than scamming people, and Allie helping her could help keep Alice’s legacy alive.

But it’s hard to trust that Chanel is sincere and won’t sell the donut recipe to the highest bidder to make a quick buck, especially if her business takes time to turn a profit.

Tony: I don’t think there’s any harm in it. They’re carrying on Alice’s legacy.

Christine: If Chanel wants the recipe, Allie should be a full partner in the business and not just an employee. I’d love to see these two young women working together to grow this business, but I think Allie needs a stake in this game, not just a weekly paycheck.

Brady told Chloe that he’s done with Kristen and she won’t be returning to Salem? Do you think Kristen is gone for good?

Jack: Not a chance. I thought that was one of the stupidest things Brady has ever said. He said it himself: Kristen is obsessed with him. Chloe being in that hospital bed was, in a way, proof that obsessions don’t die when the object of one’s obsession says No.

Didn’t the whole Jan situation come about because Jan has been obsessed with an unwilling Shawn for over 20 years?

Philip had no problem blaming Brady for this whole mess that Kristen started, so I wish he would speak up and remind him that obsessed people double down when they’re told to go away.

Tony: Of course not! Nor do I believe for a second that Brady is really done with Kristen. She’ll be back, and he’ll be drawn back into her orbit.

Christine: Does Kristen ever really go away? Not only is she obsessed with Brady, but they share a daughter.

Brady is being stupidly naive if he thinks Kristen will just walk away from him and Rachel. I’m surprised she hasn’t already grabbed Rachel and used her to try and get Brady to run off with her.

Would you prefer to see Chloe paired with Brady, Philip, someone else, or on her own?

Jack: I’m torn. I’m a Phloe fan, but at the same time, Chloe has been recycled through her exes so many times, and Philip was mooning over Belle and saying she was the only woman he ever loved not that long ago!

So part of me wishes Chloe and Philip would both find someone new but part of me also wants them to give each other another shot.

Hopefully, they can have a mature relationship and not a rerun of what they had when they were sixteen if they get together since high school was a long time ago for them at this point.

Tony: On her own. Chloe has spent so many years going from one man to the next. She needs some solo time.

Christine: I’d like to see Philip and Chloe have a shot at a real relationship. It feels like they’ve never been given much of a chance.

Chloe and Brady bore me, same with Chloe and Lucas. She’s been on her own a few times, so I’m rooting for some Chloe and Philip romance.

Lucas told Jake he had to stay with Kate because of her blindness. Gabi kicked Lucas out of the mansion. React!

Jack: The only good thing about any of this silliness is that it gave Lucas an excuse to show up at Sami’s.

I would have loved for Lucas to tell Gabi to go to court to evict him if that’s how she felt, just because no one ever stands up to Gabi when she’s bullying them, and her overreaction reminded me why I generally don’t like her.

Tony: If it’s not gonna work out between Jake and Kate, it’s not gonna work out. Lucas shouldn’t make Jake feel guilty for not staying just because Kate is (faking being) blind.

I really don’t like Gabi in general, so I wasn’t a fan of that scene. But I guess she still owns the DiMera Mansion so, okay, I guess…

Christine: I don’t mind Lucas being a protective son but this was just silly. Why would Lucas want Jake to pretend to want to be with his mom when he wants to be with someone else?

Then again, it feels like something Kate would do to protect one of her kids so maybe it’s genetic.

As for Gabi, she’s just being Gabi. Cross her and she reacts. She was angry at Lucas and that was the only way she could lash out. Lucas is a big boy who has his own money. There’s no reason he needs to be living in the mansion anyway.

Should Gwen confess all to Xander? Will he help her or use it against her?

Jack: First of all, can these two stop acting like small children? Xander acting like that couch is “his” and no one else can sit there is something he should have outgrown about 20 years ago! My 10-year-old nieces act more maturely than these two did.

Gwen will likely feel forced to confess because Xander isn’t buying her BS excuses. Xander will likely help her… for now. But given his recent behavior, his help will come with a price.

Tony: I think Xander’s the wrong person to confess to. He’s going to try and use it against her.

Christine: Personally, I found Xander’s claim on the sofa ridiculously funny. Since he no longer has Sarah to keep him in line, I think it’s completely in character.

As for Gwen, I don’t think she has much choice but to confide in him. With any luck, he’ll want to help her because she’s Jack’s daughter and he does feel some loyalty to Jack.

But really, with Xander, anything is possible which is what makes him fun.

Will Ben sign the divorce papers? Should he sign them or continue to fight for Ciara?

Jack: He should sign them. I don’t think that pursuing someone who is asking for space or trying to force them into staying in a relationship they don’t want to be in is love — that’s more creepy stalking and we have enough stalkers in Salem.

It’s not like Ciara’s given him mixed signals or said she would be open to a relationship at some later point but doesn’t feel ready yet. She’s been very clear. She does not want to be in this relationship and she moved half a world away just to get away from Ben!

So the only thing to do is accept it. Will he sign them? I don’t know. Probably not since Clyde told him what he wanted to hear about how he shouldn’t give up.

Tony: He SHOULD sign them, but I don’t think that he will, since he seems to think he owns Ciara.

Christine: Ben needs to let Ciara go. Maybe she’ll come back to him and maybe she won’t but the longer he tries to force her to stay married, the worse it will be.

Of course, Ben is desperate. His whole world is Ciara and he isn’t getting the best advice. He needs to speak to someone more stable than Clyde. Marlena has dropped the ball on this one as his therapist. Ben is obviously in crisis and she’s nowhere to be found.

What was the most eye-roll-worthy moment this week in Salem?

Jack: Oh gosh, there were so many. The whole Shawn/Belle situation was so unrealistic that it was hard to watch. They don’t allow cell phones or people taking photos in prison, it’s not up to Trask to accept or reject a confession (that’s for the judge to do) — she can only decide whether to accept a plea deal, and there was no reason for Belle to plead guilty or even confess in the first place.

Even more ridiculous: Shawn agreeing to let Ben stay at a crime scene and potentially contaminate evidence because Claire wanted him to.

Also, Shawn’s lack of action on the case was irritating me. Ben found Claire by accident and Philip did Shawn’s job for him with Chloe while Shawn just shrugged and said he didn’t know where Chloe was but didn’t seem to be doing ANYTHING to try to find her.

I also didn’t find any of the Julie/Xander stuff funny. Julie throwing tantrums about Xander eating the donuts she made was beneath her, and Allie introducing Chanel as “my friend DuPree” has to have been one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a while. I was waiting for Julie to ask her whether she even knew Chanel’s first name!

Finally, it’s ridiculous that no one stands up to Snyder (well, I guess Kate did, sort of). Gwen clearly had the upper hand since he didn’t like her confronting him in public. All she had to do was tell him to back off or she would talk loudly about what he’s making her do in front of all the other doctors and nurses!

And Snyder should not have a job when 1) he can’t tell the difference between a coma patient and a non-coma patient and 2) his attitude is “I have all day to sign these orders so why do I have to do it now.”

And Jan in a coma AGAIN? If I were Shawn I’d get a second opinion since Snyder was wrong about that last time, but this device is way overused. (Also it is not up to Snyder whether or not the police guard a patient and Shawn should have been talking to Kayla, who is actually in a position of authority in this hospital.)

Tony: Shawn’s conversation with Claire and Ben about leaving the cabin. He was so adamant that Ben should leave because it’s an active crime scene, but when Claire says that Ben saved her life, Shawn just shrugs says “okay” and leaves. What??

Christine: Everything about Shawn and Belle’s plan was eye-roll-worthy. None of it made sense.

And Claire and Chloe were missing and taken hostage while Shawn sits at his desk and Eli and Lani canoodle on their couch. No wonder the Salem PD can’t get anything done.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I laughed so hard at Lucas’ imitation of Marlena after Sami told EJ that that’s who was at the door. All things Sami and Lucas are always great.

I also liked all the Alice mentions. But my favorite quote of the week had to be Philip telling Trask how badly she’d screwed up the Charlie Dale investigation in this Days of Our Lives quote

Trask: Mr. Kiriakis. I’m surprised you’re still here. You’ll be glad to know justice has been served and Belle is behind bars where she belonged.
Philip: That wasn’t justice, you idiot!
Trask: What?
Philip: Belle didn’t kill Charlie Dale. Jan Spears did. Belle and Shawn just told you what you wanted to hear because Jan kidnapped their daughter. Jan Spears is a killer and now thanks to you she might do it again to Claire and to Chloe.

I loved Philip doing what no one else had the courage to do and tell the truth about what was going on.

Tony: As over the top and cartoonish as she is, I love pretty much any scene with Jan Spears. For some reason, her comment about gummy bears made me laugh.

Christine: I enjoyed Abe calling out Paulina…

You want that shining city on the hill but only if you’re the landlord.

Abe [to Paulina]

But I do worry about Paulina’s secret plan for the Horton Square.

And I enjoyed Julie and Xander sparing over the donuts and Julie pointing out how many calories he just consumed. She finally found a way to get to Xander!

But I wish she had made him come into the kitchen and help her make another batch because the two of them working together could have been all kinds of cute.

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