Grey’s Anatomy Round Table: Are Simone and Blue Your New Favorite Duo?


It was an easy, breezy installment, but some noteworthy moments.

We have Yasuda leading the pack as best intern on Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 6, while Simone and Blue continued to bond.

And Beltran had to juggle Levi and Amelink.

Join the discussion with Haley Whitmire White, Lucy Peel, and Jasmine Blu!

What were your overall thoughts on this episode?

Haley: It was fine for a filler episode. Nothing terribly exciting happened, but it set up several potential big storylines. A couple of moments made me think we’re in for some pretty big reveals towards the end of the season.

Lucy: I liked seeing different pairings here. Link and Beltran, Webber and Adams, Kwan and Griffith. Otherwise, I was underwhelmed. I am sure we’re in for a big season finale, possibly disaster-centric.

Jasmine: I think this has been an interesting season because it feels like a “filler season.” They haven’t fully committed to telling any elaborate storylines, so it’s leaning into a procedural feel. Not much happened during this installment, but the different dynamics were fun.

What do you think is going on with Webber? Do you think they’re setting him up for a serious health issue or retirement?

Haley: That man has been being set up to retire since the show started! We had a serious health issue with him a few seasons ago, so I don’t think we’re going down that path again, but I could be wrong.

I’m guessing that we’re heading toward a point where Richard has to decide between his career and his sobriety/mental health, and hopefully, he’ll make the right choice.

Lucy: I was worried when he seemed to space out, but then he snapped back and nailed the procedure. But he could be moving toward retirement.

I can’t see them going to Alzheimer’s; given that both Ellis and Adele had it, it would be too much for Richard to do as well. He may retire, but he is in some Ellen Pompeo-type situation.

Where he’s retired but recurs whether with Catherine or to come into lecture residents. Or he could take over from Bailey because she has forgotten how to run the intern program.

Jasmine: I don’t even know anymore. I’m always worried about Webber, and I wish they’d do what they intend to do so I don’t have to stress out so much about him.

Why do you think Bailey is struggling to implement mental health wellness properly?

Haley: Back in the day, even a resident could demand that the interns be relieved from all services for a day so they could focus on a learning opportunity.

Remember when Izzie had all of the interns from Lexie’s class participate in her diagnosis race game? While I understand that hands-on experience is important for the interns, I wonder why Bailey doesn’t have a mandatory day or two where all the interns have to do a wellness seminar or something.

Having them all be urgently paged away to different services felt a little silly to me. Residents and attendings can function just fine without interns for a day, and  Bailey is right; balancing their wellness with their ambition is something they need to learn.

Lucy: I think Bailey is just struggling. She has forgotten how to do this, and I’m unhappy with her this season. It feels like she can’t relate to the interns, so she determined that “mental wellness” is low-hanging fruit and gift bags would help.

Yes, they are immature, but Simone gripping to Blue seems like a normal thing to do.

While I liked the outcome, her reaction seemed overboard. But, as Hunt pointed out, she needed a break too. She may need to think about what she wants as an intern.

Kids are different these days. Yes, they are more entitled but also ask for what they want. Open and honest conversation may help. Grey Sloan is no longer the top program in the country, so maybe they need to think differently.

Jasmine: Bailey has been burnt out for at least four seasons, which is what is happening. She hasn’t gotten over the stress and fatigue since the pandemic. I can appreciate that in some ways because it has been surreal since. It’s deeper exploration of mental health issues.

Which medical case did you find the most compelling?

Haley: I enjoyed the storyline from the prisoner, Mr. Jimenez. Grey’s Anatomy has taken the opportunity to humanize people in prison before, and I always appreciate it.

This episode shed light on the fact that prison systems are often extremely neglectful of inmates’ medical needs, leading to much worse outcomes for their health.

Lucy: I agree. But on the flip side, I was extremely bothered by Link and Beltran’s case. Catherine’s attitude was abhorrent.

Of course, donors get VIP treatment, but how she derided the “standard of care” and how Misty’s family should be getting first-class treatment really left a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m glad the outcome was good, mainly for Link’s sake, but I wouldn’t say I liked the case. It was a very interesting juxtaposition to show the treatment of the haves and have-nots.

Although, in true Grey’s fashion, they hit us over the head with it. A poor convict who receives sub-optimal care versus first-class flying, Maldives-jetting donors.

Jasmine: Raymond Cruz was such a phenomenal guest star. Jimenez had me deeply in my feelings about the injustices of the justice system and so much more. Mika slays every storyline she’s in, too.

Is Beltran right to question Levi’s motivations for pursuing Peds?

Haley: It makes sense that Beltran wants to make sure Levi is pursuing peds for the right reasons before she recommends him. She’d be staking her reputation on someone she barely knows.

Lucy: Beltran was absolutely right. He showed no real interest in the specialty.

All he had to see was that people told him he was good with kids, and his bedside manner was excellent. She’s clearly looking for passion and someone who will care as much as she does when there is a bad outcome.

Jasmine: I love Beltran. She hit the nail on the head. Of all the fields you can’t jump into just for the hell of it, Peds is high up there. You have to care and be passionate. If you aren’t, don’t do it. No half measures.

Was Amelia being too nitpicky with Link about Scout? Has she and Beltran reached a turning point, and if so, what are your thoughts about that?

Haley: First of all, did anyone catch that Scout was watching Bluey? That’s a win in my book (Bluey is a staple in my house).

But seriously, okay, screen time is such a hot-button topic in parenting circles. How much is too much, how young is too young, tablet or no tablet?

It’s fair enough that Amelia was a little put off because Link didn’t run it by her before buying Scout a tablet, but only because they’re great co-parents and do well raising their kid together by communicating.

Was Link obligated to talk to Amelia first? Absolutely not, but it probably would’ve been a nice thing to do, especially since they’d discussed the issue before.

As for Amelia and Beltran, this will be a VERY slow burn. Sigh. It’s nice to see them connecting. I’ll keep waiting with bated breath for things to start heating up.

Lucy: The tablet storyline wasn’t necessary. They needed to give Amelia something to do in this episode, and I would have preferred that she sit with Beltran and watch her play games.

I understand where she’s coming from; brains are her business, so she had something to say. And Link quickly learned how easily kids get attached to their screens. He learned his lesson without Amelia but could have given her a heads-up.

Jasmine: Amelia did bug me because, as it stands, we see Link with Scout more than her, so it doesn’t particularly sit well when it seems like she’s questioning his judgment as a parent, which she does a bit.

The storyline was unnecessary, and they don’t know what to do with Amelia Shepherd anymore and haven’t for a while. But she can DO Beltran sooner rather than later, though I don’t hate the slow burn.

Were you surprised that Blue thought Simone snitched? What are your thoughts on their burgeoning friendship and him moving in?

Haley: I’m not sure if I was surprised, no. Blue has insecurities and a habit of lashing out at people around him. Getting close to people makes him nervous.

I like that he and Simone are getting close! His moving in isn’t a shock. Lucas acting all sad because his room is now occupied by someone else is so silly. Sorry, buddy, you snooze, you lose.

Lucy: I get where Blue is coming from. But I am also unclear whether Bailey and Ben Warren could hear what was happening on the roof or watch it from afar. It seemed right, and I’m glad they resolved it quickly.

I enjoyed the pairing. They have both experienced a bit of pain in their lives and having both lost their mothers; it is nice that they have someone to relate to. Blue moving in was inevitable when he complained about his lack of sleep. I’m all for it.

The more interns that live together, the closer we get to recapturing the MAGIC. Living together makes them better doctors and better surgeons if they are ever allowed in the OR again. Because they can push each other both in and out of the hospital and learn to rely on each other too.

Jasmine: Blue and Simone may be my new favorite dynamic. I love them together. Harry Shum Jr is such an underrated actor, and I wish we spent more time with Blue, but I’m glad we’re getting to now.

It was odd that he jumped to that conclusion with Simone. However, I love what it did for their friendship. I’m thrilled he moved in. I’m also here for the tension between him and Lucas because of it.

Oh, Lucas, my sweet summer child, you can’t bounce after throwing a tantrum and expect your spot to be waiting for you.

What was your favorite moment, storyline, etc, from the episode?

Haley: I liked seeing Yasuda show compassion for Mr. Jimenez. I’d like to know more about her backstory and whether she has any connection to situations similar to his.

Could he have reminded her of someone, or was she showing empathy? She’s a great character, and I’m excited to learn more about her.

Lucy: Haley, I am curious about that too. Yasuda noticed something when she first met him. Was it a tattoo? I couldn’t tell.

I liked that storyline as well. I didn’t really have any favorite moments. There were a bunch of things that I didn’t like, and some of the nicer things felt way too predictable (of course, Blue is an excellent cook and can turn the bag of vegetables into a meal and then move in).

As Haley said above, it was totally filler. We’re just waiting for something to happen. And I really hope whatever is coming is good.

Jasmine: I assumed she had seen a tattoo, but I’m unsure. I loved the Blue/Simone bits because Shum and Floyd have really easy chemistry.

Mika is basically leaving the other interns in the dust when it comes to being a favorite. So I loved everything about her: her mentor/mentee bond with Teddy and her compassion and empathy with Jiminez. She made me smile when she brought him the cake.

Over to you, Grey’s Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Sound off below!

Grey’s Anatomy returns Thursday on ABC. You can stream the following day on Hulu.

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