Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 8 Spoilers: Will Revisiting a Dangerous Situation Bring Danny and Baez Closer?


Here we go again.

Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 8 spoilers promise danger for Danny and Baez, thanks to an old enemy.

This will likely bring on the suspense, but will it also finally push their relationship over the line from friendship to something else?

Baez and Danny’s relationship has divided the fandom. People either ship them or hate the idea of anything but a close friendship and work partnership.

Still, with Blue Bloods getting close to its midseason finale (the rest of the final season will air in the fall), the evolution of this relationship would get fans talking!

Baez On Edge - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 8


According to spoilers, serial killer Sam Evans gets out of prison early. Evans targeted Baez and her daughter on Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 20, seeking revenge because Baez had put him away 20 years earlier.

It seems unrealistic that he’d be released from prison only a year later. His case should first be going through the courts now unless he pled guilty.

Evans getting out this soon had better lead to some tense scenes between Danny and Erin. ADA Erin Reagan is likely not responsible for the release, but Danny will blame her anyway.

The Sunday dinner will likely feature fireworks. The Reagans try to put significant conflicts aside during the weekly get-together, but they might not be able to with something this big.

Danny’s Attempt to Protect Baez Could Backfire

We don’t know if Sam Evans has plans to go after Baez again. The spoilers only say that he gets out of prison, not that there’s a specific threat.

Still, Danny goes into protective mode as soon as he learns about the release, staking out Baez’s house all night to ensure nothing happens.

It doesn’t seem like Baez appreciates that. She’d rather take measures to protect herself and her daughter than leave it to Danny, especially since he could have warned her instead.

This story could put a wedge between Danny and Baez. Additionally, they might be worrying for no reason whatsoever.

Evans could get the ultimate revenge by not planning anything but making Danny and Baez worry about what he was up to. The pair would constantly look over their shoulders while he sat back and laughed.

Of course, that wouldn’t be much of a story, but it would turn the tired TV trope on its head of the serial killer targeting the cops!

Danny and Baez could grow closer during the perceived threat once Baez gets over Danny taking matters into his own hands without telling her. They could again realize how much they mean to each other and act on it this time.

Blue Bloods’ cancelation means there is limited time to develop any new relationship planned for Danny. The series doesn’t have to end with him finding new love six years after Linda’s death, but it would help go out on a high note if it did.

Danny’s been moving in that direction. He recently admitted that he has been resisting new relationships because he fears losing a new partner like he did Linda.

That’s probably driving his desire to protect Baez, too, so if there was ever a time to act on his feelings for her, it’s now.

Jamie And Anthony Butt Heads Over an Informant

Elsewhere, Jamie’s job in FIeld Intelligence again leads to drama for the youngest Reagan.

When Jamie arrests Anthony’s informant, the two initially butt heads over who will take the case. Anthony rejects Jamie’s offer to work together, but Jamie Reagan isn’t the type to give up when it comes to getting what he needs to close a case.

Spoilers say the two will team up after all. This should be interesting, considering how rare it is for these characters to interact.

Anthony doesn’t get along with Danny, but his relationship with Jamie is a question mark. He might resent having to work together, but he might keep his annoyance to complaining about how hardheaded all the Reagans are.

This case is complicated by the informant having a family tie to Anthony. He’s the brother of Anthony’s ex-wife.

Anthony could be more protective of this informant because of this relationship or the guy could accuse him of not caring about his safety because of the divorce.

Either way, Anthony’s scenes are always fun, especially when he interacts with Erin’s family. He’ll probably have some choice words for Erin about her brother before he gives in and agrees to work together.

The Dream Team Upsets Frank

Frank Reagan is usually a man of principle, putting his values above the optics of a situation, but he and Sid get into it about how things look for the second episode in a row.


According to spoilers, Frank is peeved with Sid and Abigail when they go behind his back to do a favor for Abigail’s husband.

Surprisingly, Frank is concerned about how things look, but that’s probably not his real problem. He likes to think of himself as the kind of boss his staff can approach with issues, but they went around him.

Frank often puts his personal feelings aside to make decisions, but that has to sting. Plus, it undermines his authority as commissioner if the Dream Team does what it wants behind his back.

Where the heck is Garrett, though? He’s usually the one worrying about optics, and he was suspiciously absent from that silly conflict over the boxing match on Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 7.


Eddie’s Latest Work Problem

Eddie’s stories lately have often revolved around clashes with Sergeant McNichols over work-related issues. Her latest one involves a sergeant who keeps downgrading her cases.

Eddie and McNichols have taken a few steps forward recently, but this will likely set them back again.

McNichols will likely tell Eddie to suck it up. Her attitude is generally that it was hard for her to be a woman in policing, so Eddie shouldn’t have had any easier experience.

McNichols is my least favorite character and the only one I won’t miss when Blue Bloods ends. Let’s hope she does something to help Eddie deal with the problem this time.

Your turn, Blue Bloods fanatics. What do you think about these spoilers?

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Blue Bloods airs on CBS on Fridays at 10/9c. New episodes drop on Paramount+ the day after they air.

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