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Where they from?
Los Angeles, CA. The NFL draft was this past weekend. Is there any greater non-event in the universe? I mean, it literally could be summed up as an e-mail instead of the brash decadence the NFL trots out every April. I guess Goodell just can’t handle not having his professional brain trauma operation not be the center of the sport universe for fifteen fucking minutes. That being said, I watched every round and my team is going 12-5 next year.

Why the hype?
If this is your first time hearing about this group, then you seriously have a lot of catching up to do. The GOATED west coast powerviolence unit has been yipping and yapping their way through the american fastcore scene since the early aughts, a time in which I was still tragically fixated on prog rock. To bring anyone who has been living under a rock up to speed on this group: piercing and shrieking vocals, killer pv riffs, irreverant song titles/lyrics, veganism, satanism and booty shorts. That pretty much is everything you need to know.

Latest Release?
G.O.A.T. on Prosthetic. ACxDC were one of those bands who had the misfortune of releasing a full-length right as the pandemic started, so I’m very glad they are getting a redo with this new badass album right here. This is a fun one, with enough groove to appeal to the less-blast intensive crowd while also maintaining enough intensity to satisfy grind nerds like me. Put this on and then light a cop car on fire.

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