Video Premiere: Hovering Over the Record Button with Beaten to Death’s “Dalbane”


Anyone who knows me knows that I fucking love Oslo’s “True Norwegian Melodic Grindcore” kings Beaten to Death. This is mostly because their grindcore is the most non-grindcore grindcore that’s ever been thrown at the public the same way monkeys throw their shit at gawking zoo patrons; you don’t really know if they’re being playful, desperately seeking attention, if they’re super-pissed or a combination of all of the above. This is a band that employs barely-distorted guitars, discordant/diminished noise/indie rock chord structures, a straight-edge drummer whose nickname is ‘Bartender’ and a wickedly sardonic sense of humor all crammed into 90-120 second-long songs with titles like “Don’t You Dare to Call Us Heavy Metal,” “True Norwegian Internet Metal Warrior,” “Extremely Run to the Hills,” “Greenway/Harris” (the video of which is simply two dudes building a fence) and “My Hair Will Be Long Until Death,” the latter being an ode to Mika Martinussen, bassist and the remaining lineup long hair. And their merch is covered in pictures of cats.

Today we have pleasure of premiering the latest single/video off of forthcoming new and sixth album Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis, “Dalbane” which is essentially 1:08 of watching them set up and prepare to actually record the new album. Says the band: “The Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis album was recorded by our guitar player Tommy at one of our favourite venues, Parkteatret Scene. They were kind enough to let us use it over a few summer days in 2022. The video for ‘Dalbane’ is basically just a few iPhone-snippets of the band getting ready to push that record button. And having pizza. Thanks, Parkteatret! The lyrics to ‘Dalbane’ are about riding a roller coaster that only goes down. No hills on this joy ride.”

Like I said, I fucking love this band! Who’s with me?

And for shits and giggles, here’s the band ripping on Mika via the medium of song and video:

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