Supergirl Finally Arrived On My Adventures With Superman, But She’s Only Made Clark Kent’s Life A Lot More Complicated


Warning: SPOILERS for the My Adventures with Superman episode “Most Eligible Superman” are ahead!

The first trailer for My Adventures with Superman Season 2 ended with the reveal that Supergirl will appear, and CinemaBlend later learned from the showrunners that Kara Zor-El was included in the DC TV show because they “hate” to let their version of the Man of Steel “get his legs under him.” We’re now at the halfway mark with this current batch of episodes being added to the 2024 TV schedule, and “Most Eligible Superman” saw Kara, voiced by Kiana Madeira, finally entering the picture. Unfortunately, rather than immediately becoming an ally to her Kryptonian cousin, she’s only made his life a lot more complicated, because it turns out she’s working with one of Superman’s most dangerous enemies.

How My Adventures With Superman Brought Supergirl Into Play

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