Ronnie Radke: “My Daddies Biker Gang Will Beat You Up”


Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke recently lost his shit during a show after spotting some dude in a “Fuck Ronnie Radke” shirt. The PRP has helpfully transcribed the entire rant. Keep in mind that a 37-year-old man said this:

“Where’s the guy with the ‘Fuck Ronnie Radke’ shirt? I noticed that he saw me and then he pulled it down. You do not want the fucking smoke homie, I will beat your fucking ass. This is not Twitter, I’ll beat your fucking ass.

“How old are you? Bro, you’re like fucking 40, in the front row with a self-made ‘fuck Ronnie Radke’ shirt? You are not married. You’re not married.

“Listen man, I’ve got my 8-year-old daughter standing right there… Have some respect for you, us, yourself and everybody else man. It’s disrespectful. What’s your problem? You got a problem with me? I don’t even know who you are. How am I piece of shit? You don’t even know me homie. You don’t know me. You’re a bitch, fuck you and your homie.

“I’m not a piece of shit, I’m a good motherfucker. I’m a good dude. You’re a misled motherfucker and you’re too old to be here doing that shit. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself man. You should be ashamed of yourself man. For real, man.

“You stand up to motherfuckers like this. I’ve beat up people twice your size. I’ve beat up people like you on his shoulders. I’m not playing with you. And if I won’t do it my dad’s biker gang will, homeboy. You think I’m fucking playing? Fuck you.

“People try to test me. This is the reason I went to jail because of like him. I go to therapy to control my anger toward for people like this, man. That’s what you guys need to do to… I’m sorry, I don’t let it slide bro, I have an issue with anger. But if I’m being disrespected I get real fucking heated bro. I’ll give you a fucking heart attack homie. I’m serious, you know it too. I’m looking in both of your guys’ eyes. You fucking cyclops looking motherfucker, fuck you.

“Come onstage, I’ll fuck you up. I’m not playing with you…”

First of all, LOL @ “You’re not married” as the biggest insult Radke can think to sling at this dude. I’m sure he’d take it real hard if this were 1954. But it’s not, so hopefully he didn’t.

(Radke is himself not married. He has been dating former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page since 2018.)

Second of all, LO-FUCKING-L @ “if I won’t do it my dad’s biker gang will.” I don’t know if Radke’s dad really is in a biker gang or not; it’s beside the point. The point is that in the process of accusing someone somewhere around the age of 40, Radke, himself somewhere around the age of 40, threatened to call his daddy.

Radke himself must understand how fucking stupid this sounds, because he himself later tweeted…

“My daddies biker gang will beat you up”

…which technically means that Radke is in possession of a biker gang of daddies, but I guess that’s beside the point.

Radke went on to tweet a whole lot of other nonsensical shit in his own defense:

“I love how there’s an entire mob of people that virtue signal on how an ex felon leader singer should react on stage to someone in the front row holding up a fuck ronnie radke shirt while my 8 year old daughter sits on stage and watches. if they were kids I would’ve ignored it..”

Good point. Instead of ignoring it, you a) pointed it out to your 8-year-old daughter, and b) behaved like an 8-year-old yourself. The only virtue signaling happening here is you trying to pretend the presence of a child somehow justifies your actions.

“but they were in their 40’s, people have zero idea what it’s like to be on stage and see an immediate threat to you or your family standing in front of you, adrenaline is already high ‘ronnie should’ve just laughed it off’ the fuck you mean?”

There was no immediate threat to Radke or his family.

For one thing, “FUCK YOU!” is not a threat. Come to New York, Ronnie. Someone will yell “FUCK YOU!” in your direction every five minutes, and none of them will mean you any physical harm.

For another thing, I’m guessing the venue had security.

For another another thing, you just said you and/or your daddy could take this guy, so what are you afraid of?

“ya’ll all complain about people being too safe in music until Shit gets unsafe then you virtue signal on how unpredictable rockstars should be better humans and conduct themselves, maybe you should take your own advice with what you post online”

“Don’t do what I did even though I won’t apologize for what I did and, in fact, deny that anything I did was uncool of me.”

Also, Radke may have confused the definitions of the words “safe” and “smart.”

“I will never bend to the pressure of conforming or put on a mask to present myself in a better light for a bunch of people I don’t know, this is who I am, you disrespect me I will swing on you. it is a real issue I have, it’s not a persona, I’m unapologetically myself.”

“With that said, I love my chemical romance .”

You can watch video of Radke’s hissy fit below. Below that is a video of the dude on Twitch further attempting to present himself in a better light for a bunch of people he doesn’t know.

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