Queensryche: Scott Rockenfield Has Removed Todd La Torre and Parker Lundgren From ‘Band’ Section on His Website


Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield’s new “Queensryche 2021” website, launched earlier this month seemingly without the full band’s blessing, now features a “band” section with vocalist Todd La Torre and guitarist Parker Lundgren cropped out of a photo.

Rockenfield had been absent from Queensryche since going on paternity leave in 2017 until he reappeared with a cryptic message earlier this year and then, eventually, the new website. La Torre said in a recent interview that “I have no idea what he’s doing,” citing Rockenfield’s lack of communication with both fans and his own band members during the long leave of absence. Only Rockenfield has promoted the new website, while all of the band’s official channels have made no mention of it.

Things got extra weird last week when La Torre launched an eBay auction of drum sticks that Rockenfield used for the recording of the band’s 2013 self-titled album. Rockenfield then posted a message on Facebook chastising an “employee/hired hand/sub contractor” for lacking “respect and gratitude” without referencing any individuals.

Which brings us back to the website and today’s update. On Friday, May 21, the site — a hard-coded HTML page that looks like it was cobbled together by an amateur coder in the ’90s — added a spate of new text promising “brand new music 2021,” limited edition collectibles, rare music, videos and more, as well as a demo of a song called “Days O Death.” On the bottom of the page sits a photo with “The Band” text superimposed over it that features Rockenfield flanked by original guitarist Michael Wilton and original bassist Eddie Jackson. Upon closer inspection, the photo is a cropped version of the one on Queensryche’s official website at Queensryche.com. Here they are side by side:

The selective crop would suggest that Rockenfield is also currently at odds with Lundgren, who joined on guitar in 2011, in addition to La Torre, who stepped into Geoff Tate’s role in 2012.

The band’s official channels have still made no reference to Rockenfield, his new website or any related issue.

A representative for Queensryche at the band’s label, Century Media, has not responded to MetalSucks‘ request for comment sent on Friday.

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