Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 2 Review: I Believe You


It didn’t take long for the Lisko family to wade into the latest mystery in Erie Harbor on Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 2.

It’s easy to see where Hilde gets her curiosity and drive to uncover the truth as Matt and Bridget were tracking down clues to uncover the truth about Wott Management. 

Whatever this is about, it’s causing a lot of birds and fish to die which bodes well for no one. How long before people are added to the death toll?

It was good to see Mr. Wergeles, aka Birdman, back again, especially since this case has killed off a flock of birds. 

He must have given Hilde good advice on keeping that baby bird alive. Every time she opened that box I held my breath, expecting she’d find the poor thing dead. I’m grateful that didn’t happen. We’ll thank Al Wergeles for that. 

After only a few phone calls and internet searches into Wott Management, Bridget’s office was broken into, but why? Nothing appeared to be stolen so was this simply a scare tactic? 

Whoever broke in didn’t take anything, break anything, or leave any type of a message so it’s difficult to tell what the purpose was and the entire event felt more concerning than outright scary. 

The best thing to come of it was that Bridget got to sit down with Frank and catch up, and in doing so we found out that Mayor Fife passed away, and Frank Sr. considered running for mayor after being ousted as Sheriff. Thankfully, that didn’t happen but just the fact that they mentioned it makes me nervous.

It’s satisfying to see Matt and Bridget working together to track down Wott Management. When they arrive at the office building and it was locked, my first thought was that everyone was working from home because of Covid-19.

But the pandemic doesn’t seem to be part of Erie Harbor’s reality, which means an empty office building in the middle of a weekday is weird. 

Bridget was also trying to help Kim Collins keep her job. 

Kim: I think I’m getting used to the abuse but I appreciate your support.
Bridget: I know what it’s like to be on that end of the pitchfork. I’d like to try and help you put an end to this if you let me.

As parents were yelling at Kim for not contacting them about the school being closed, I was reminded how much I hate people. 

The school is closed because the power is out. If the power is out, she couldn’t send out a mass email alerting everyone that the school is closed. Why is that difficult to understand?

But part of this small town has decided that Kim is the enemy because having someone to beat up on makes them feel more powerful and in control. 

Superintendent: You should be prepared. These parents are out for blood.
Kim: I think I ran into a few of them this morning. I think they were trying to blame me personally for the power going out across town.
Superintendent: Yeah, they’re not the most reasonable people in the world but they are taxpayers and voters. They are petitioning the district to place your employment under review.
Kim: Fired. You can say fired.
Superintendent: That’s what it would mean and if enough parents sign-on, we’ll have to honor their request.

I’m thrilled that Bridget is taking on Kim’s case. The school board needs to realize that she’ll use legal means to fight this and perhaps they’ll think twice before firing her. 

Kim did nothing wrong. Her mother committed a crime decades ago when Kim was a child. When the truth came out, Carol had to face the legal consequences and she lost her job as the school librarian. There’s no evidence that Kim knew anything about her mother’s crimes.

But once mob mentality takes over, it’s hard to stop, and the overwhelming message here was that people just like to be mean, especially if they can do it in a group that justifies their actions. 

That wasn’t all that Bridget had to deal with as Izzy’s first Erie Harbor sleepover ended with the Lisko’s eldest daughter coming home with her first hangover. 

Bridget was worried that Jessica had some sort of ulterior motives for inviting Izzy; after all, they were mortal enemies last year.  But Jessica doesn’t seem to hold any ill will against Izzy. I think her biggest threat is that she and her friends are 16 and Izzy is only 14. 

Not that 16-year-olds should be drinking either, but the age difference only added to Izzy’s desire to fit in with this new group.

Kudos to Bridget for how she handled this. Izzy had promised she’d go to school the next day, so even with the hangover, Bridget forced her to go to school. Worse yet, the girl knows she’ll have to face her parents for a serious talk when she gets home. 

That’s going to be a long day and one she probably won’t forget, although she’ll wish she could. 

But the most touching moment was between Matt and Hilde. 

Hilde: Remember when you told me that Pop-Pop didn’t believe you and that’s why you two broke apart?
Matt: Yeah, yeah.
Hilde: Please don’t do that to me. I don’t want to break apart from you.

If that didn’t break Matt’s heart I’m not sure anything could.

Matt’s only trying to protect Hilde. The search for Richie Fife has hit a dead end and he doesn’t want his intrepid daughter to become obsessed with it. Trying to steer her towards other pursuits is a reasonable response. 

But this is Hilde and she’s incapable of letting this go. The best thing Matt can do is be there for her and with her as they keep searching for answers. 

You know, I used to think that everybody was like you and Mom but then I realized that most parents don’t treat their kids like real people. I wish more kids had someone like you.


This is what makes Home Before Dark special. The mysteries are fun and intriguing but it’s the love this family has for one another and the relationships they have with their friends and neighbors that keeps pulling me back in to see more. 

So what do you think, TV Fanatics? Are you hooked on this season of Home Before Dark?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to chime in and then check back for our review of Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 3. 

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