Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Talks How People React When They Find Out He’s Over 30 Now


Although it probably isn’t very pleasant for people to look like a dementor is sucking the life out of them when your age is revealed, it actually makes a ton of sense why fans would react to Daniel Radcliffe being over 30. For a lot of Harry Potter fans, Radcliffe represents their childhood. Think about it this way: It’s a fact that he is now closer to 50 than he is to being a first-year student at Hogwarts (in real-life, not even just in J.K. Rowling’s timeline of events). That’s a fact that makes my stomach drop at the mere thought. Still, asmuch as it hurts to know that both Daniel Radcliffe and OG Harry Potter fans are both either already over or approaching 30, it should be consolation that 30 isn’t even close to being old.

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