Fousheé Travels Through a ‘Time Machine’ on Debut Project


Fousheé is shaping up to be one to watch. The fast-rising multifaceted artist introduces herself on a more formal level with her debut project, time machine. 

The nine-track project puts Fousheé’s voice against an assortment of production co-crafted by herself alongside Steve Lacy (The Internet, Blood Orange), Malay (Sam Smith, John Legend), Biako (Baby Rose, BOSCO), LDG Beats (Aminé), Jonah Yano, and many others. 

The title track floats aimlessly across a fuzzy guitar, showcasing different elements of Fousheé’s artistry as her sandpaper voice transports to the past. 

Lacy is featured on “candy grapes,” the project’s closing track he produced. The two collide their distinct tones across psychedelic rock cords as they muse about the dual personalities of quiet-natured humans. Meanwhile, the vibey “clap for him” featuring Lil Yatchy diverges into the trap scene. 

Fousheé shared in a press statement that her time machine project is meant to be viewed as a journey through time exposing “memories, thoughts, emotions, experiences and what she sees for the prospective future.” 

In celebration of time machine, Fousheé debuted the self-directed Bonnie and Clyde-esque video for the song “my slime.” Watch it below.

Before the arrival of her debut project, Fousheé shared the singles “gold fronts” featuring Lil Wayne and “single af.” Both tracks do not appear on time machine

Listen to Fousheé’s time machine below. 

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