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Chaos erupted at Club New York in Manhattan on December 27, 1999, when a shooting left Natania Reuben with severe injuries and a haunting memory of Diddy pulling the trigger.

Over two decades later, Reuben recounted her harrowing experience and voiced her disdain for a recent video showing Diddy mistreating his former partner Cassie Ventura, bringing fresh scrutiny to his past.

Reuben’s face still carries fragments from the 9mm bullet that struck her that night. Despite years of recounting her story, she remains dismayed by the persistent skepticism and the leniency Diddy received in court.

In an exclusive interview with NewsNation, she sharply criticized Diddy’s apology, referencing the video where he addresses Cassie’s accusations.

“I was disgusted. I was disgusted at a very deep place first and foremost because it validated everything we already knew and suspected,” Reuben said. “I was very saddened for Cassie because she had to be revictimized by this thing being presented. She told her narrative and for so many people it wasn’t enough.”

During the trial that followed the nightclub shooting, Reuben testified that she saw Diddy hold a black gun before she was struck.

Despite the testimony, Diddy was acquitted of all charges, while rapper Shyne, involved in the same incident, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on assault and weapons charges.

Reuben maintains that Diddy should have faced similar charges, if not more severe, for attempted murder and criminal possession of a firearm.

Reuben continues to assert her clear view of the incident and has even offered to undergo procedures to remove the bullet fragments in her face as potential evidence, hoping to reignite efforts for a new trial.

The ordeal hasn’t just left physical scars but has also led to significant backlash within the community, where speaking out against influential figures can be fraught with challenges.

“I got called out the entire time. There was a narrative that we should never speak ill of somebody in the culture or another black man. But I was also raised to speak truth to power. I always spoke up and I’m not going to stop now,” Reuben stated firmly.

As the controversies surrounding Diddy persist, Reuben’s story calls attention to the broader issue of accountability and the enduring struggle victims face when challenging powerful individuals. She remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice, unwilling to let her voice be silenced.

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