Full Album Stream: Desolat – “Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die”


I hear you readers enjoy a loud racket. A bit of noise with your morning coffee. Well, pour yourself a cup of this new album from Austria’s Desolat. Taking inspiration from the prevailing environment of post-modern social turmoil and instability, the band has arrived with Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die. The album is definitely a fascinating meeting of musical worlds, produced by the legendary Dan Swanö and hitting the listener with waves of Hüsker Dü, Tad, Helmet, and all manner of noisy and angular sounds. Decibel is pleased to present the album streaming in full below.

In talking about the album, the band declares:

“We thank label runner Chris X for the confidence in the band! When it comes to the labels of the heydays of the genre in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, people will come up with Amphetamine Reptile, Touch and Go, Alternative Tentacles, Man’s Ruin and, if you dig a bit further, Reptilian Records. We are ‘90s kids and this is totally our world. Sometimes we joke and describe our band as a ‘90s appreciation group. Very happy to be part of this! The new album is a big step forward for us with more sludgy noise rock rooted in hardcore and less crust punk and death metal in the mix, it feels like we’ve arrived where we wanted to go. Also, the sound is even more satisfying here with more adequate bass mud. And now we found the perfect label for this.”

Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die comes out this Friday. Reptilian Records will handle the vinyl release, while Bloodshed 666 will make it available digitally. More preorder info can be found here.

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