Azealia Banks Claims Kendrick Lamar’s “Dick Is Wild Trash” In Drake’s Defense

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Azealia Banks scoffed at Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss tracks, offering a dissenting opinion to the widespread praise K. Dot has received. Banks downplayed the effectiveness of Kendrick’s work, calling him “the most boring rapper ever.”

“Y’all are really gassing Kendrick for being such a Drake fan that he stayed up (clearly on a substance) for almost five days to write meaningless love songs in which he spilled absolutely no tea,” she wrote. “The daughter thing is fake, metro making bbl drizzy beats like Kanye ain’t got the fattest bbl in the rap. As a fellow Gemini, Kendrick clearly thought this would be a clever way to relaunch himself to the forefront given the lack of pop cultural fanfare from his last release.”

Banks claimed Kendrick diminished the prestige of his Pulitzer Prize by displaying a “lack of self-control.” She believed the late Tupac Shakur would think Kendrick is a “cornball” as she rolled her eyes at dissing Drake for getting cosmetic surgery.

“Kendrick’s dick is wild trash,” Banks wrote. “Everybody gotta stop acting like all the rap n##### don’t have work done. Kanye has the biggest apple bottom in Hip-Hop history. Rick Ross (I love u) but u have horrible veneers, had a gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, AND ARE STILL SELLING ALCOHOL?!?! you could have just called me I would have fixed it for you the natural way.”

Banks’ rant took a turn when she cited various age of consent laws to defend Drake. Kendrick infamously called Drake a pedophile, which the Canadian star denied.

“Why call Drake a pedophile when 17 is the legal age of consent, and in many states, it’s 16!!!” Banks wrote. “Why isn’t Kendrick calling about Biden whose daughter revealed that he would come into the shower with her at NINE YEARS OLD, for using his song for political promotion? Yall stupid if u think any points were made.”

Kendrick kicked off the rap battle by dissing Drake on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That” in March. Kendrick and Drake exchanged several diss tracks over the past two months. Drake’s “The Heart Part 6” was the last song released in the beef as of Monday (May 13).

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