As CBS Revisits One Of Elsbeth’s Most Fun Episodes, Here’s What Carrie Preston Says ‘No One Has Really Noticed’ About Season 1


Elsbeth raised the stakes for its first season finale, with the very real threat that Elsbeth herself would have to leave the NYPD. Fortunately, the season came to a happy ending, with the leading lady set for a more permanent position with the police and some forgiveness and understanding from Captain Wagner. Now, in the wake of the finale, CBS is airing reruns of the first season, starting with “Ear for an Ear,” which I consider one of the show’s most fun episodes. In light of what star Carrie Preston told CinemaBlend, I think it’s worth rewatching to catch what we may have missed earlier in the 2024 TV schedule!

I spoke with Carrie Preston in the wake of Elsbeth learning that she was being sent back to Chicago due to Wagner’s sense of personal betrayal. After she shared what made her “really emotional” about the Season 1 finale, I asked a question that I’d been pondering all season: is there actually anything in all of the character’s many bags that the actress carries around? Preston shared:

Of course there is! I’m not going to tell you what it is. [laughs] You know, everyone asks that, and I think it’s wonderful that people are curious about it. I mean, Elsbeth has a lot of I think crutches in there, things that she thinks she might need during the day to help her with her work, with her life. I mean, I think there’s probably food in there. I think there’s definitely books [and] files. Who knows if there’s not an abacus in there? I mean, just things that she just thinks she could possibly need.

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