Ahead Of FBI’s Season 6 Finale, Katherine Renee Kane Talks Concluding The ‘Whole Saga’ Of The Agents Losing One Of Their Own


FBI is on the verge of wrapping one of its most intense seasons to date, which is saying something considering that it’s also the shortest of the CBS drama so far. Fans watching live or streaming via Paramount+ subscription have witnessed the agents attempting to find justice for the murder of Agent Hobbs back at the start of the 2024 TV schedule. Actress Katherine Renee Kane spoke with CinemaBlend about the team trying to end the case for good in the Season 6 finale on May 21.

The sixth season finale is called “Ring of Fire” and will see the team fighting to take down the Somali terrorist group who caused Hobbs’ death way back February. Tiff, played by Katherine Renee Kane, has been struggling with his death since he was killed when they were in the field together, to the point of her bosses wondering if she was objective enough to participate in the investigation.

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