Young Dolph’s Fiance Mia Jaye Slams Justice System

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Young Dolph’s fiance, Mia Jaye, is adamant in her pursuit of justice following a delay in the rapper’s murder case.

The trial for Justin Johnson, one of the accused, was recently rescheduled to accommodate additional expert testimonies and hearings.

Mia Jaye’s frustration is palpable as she calls for accountability in the wake of Young Dolph’s untimely death.

The delay has reignited her concerns about suspects committing more crimes while out on bond.

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy outlined various factors contributing to the postponement, stressing the need to preserve the integrity of the case.

But Mia Jaye lambasted the process, saying justice for Young Dolph is long overdue. 

“It is truly hurtful that my family was robbed of a future… My love’s life was taken… and to be left behind to see NO ONE be held accountable in the court of law for the act… is INSANE,” Mia Jaye passionately stated.

“Our family has witnessed lenient bonds being granted, absurd requests approved for the defendants to receive a change of venue, freedom, more time to build a stronger defense… we’ve seen defendants release songs, enjoy life while on house arrest… all while our loved one is six feet deep, waiting for JUSTICE to be served… it is disheartening, unfair, triggering, and hurtful.”

The trial for Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith Jr., both accused of murdering the Memphis rapper, has been pushed back to September.

Initially slated for June 3, 2024, the defense’s request for more expert reviews led to another postponement, with the prosecution yielding.

For the second time, the trial date has shifted; it was first scheduled for March 11, 2024.

“For everyone who says ‘trust the process,’ our family has for three years, but the process and system is BROKEN (as evident across ALL of Black America, let’s be honest… check the stats) and continuing to sit back allowing people to PLAY in your face isn’t trusting the process. It is ignoring the process and giving room for everything wrong to happen, overlooking ACCOUNTABILITY,” declared Mia Jaye.

Johnson and Smith, indicted in January 2022 on charges including first-degree murder, remain jailed in Shelby County without bail.

Hernandez Govan, another suspect accused of orchestrating the murder, faces multiple charges and is currently on house arrest with a $90,000 bond. Jermarcus Johnson, who pleaded guilty to accessory charges and provided information about other suspects, received a sentence of six to twelve years.

Young Dolph, born Adolph Thornton Jr., was murdered at Makeda’s Cookies on November 17, 2021.

If found guilty of first-degree murder, the suspects could face life imprisonment without parole.

Since Young Dolph’s assassination in 2021, Mia Jaye has relentlessly advocated for justice for the rap star and she is determined to see justice served.

“This case is not a part of ENTERTAINMENT which it can be easily mistaken for given Dolph’s nature of business… Dolph was just as human as anyone else, his life meant so much to so many, he was and still is so SPECIAL and he DESERVES to rest in peace receiving the JUSTICE he rightfully DESERVES,” Mia Jaye emphasized.

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