Will Trent Season 2 Report Card: Strong Stories Leave Us Anxious for Season 3


It doesn’t feel like Tuesday nights without Will Trent. We miss it already.

It’s only been a few days since the Will Trent Season 2 finale, which will leave fans talking for months.

Many significant moments could change the storyline arcs for Season 3, ranging from Will arresting Angie to Gina threatening to divorce Michael and wanting custody of the kids.

Before we discuss the storylines, let’s discuss how the long hiatus could affect the series. In theory, Will Trent has always been a midseason show with around 13 episodes.

However, ABC renewed Will Trent with 18 episodes, hoping to play the series from January to May.  In theory, it seemed like a realistic idea, but when they ended Season 2 on such a massive cliffhanger, fans wanted it to return as soon as possible.

The chatter will die down after a while, so waiting until January wasn’t wise after that controversial episode.

Since its premiere in 2023, Will Trent has excelled as a different kind of procedural, but the second season took the series to the next level.

While it still showcased thought-provoking cases, Season 2 included emotional character arcs devoted to each character. Some included violent flashbacks like Will’s childhood trauma or Amanda’s assault, and these tied into current cases.

In our report card, we discussed many episodes, including how they affected the episode. We also graded the season overall.

Best Episode- Will Trent Season 2 Episode 8

“Why Is Jack’s Arm Bleeding?” was the best episode because it finally revealed Will’s childhood trauma. Will’s memories had been lurking, and they finally exploded as the team dealt with another cold case.

Will had always felt responsible for others, and very few people had ever been kind to him, so naturally, he wanted to protect his foster mom from Jack, who was abusive.

He never imagined that by trying to help, he’d make things worse and get her killed. He had lived with that guilt for years and blocked it out.

Thankfully, Antonio showed up in Will’s life at the right time and could reassure him that only Jack was to blame, not him.

Worst Episode-Will Trent Season 2 Episode 3

There wasn’t a bad episode, but Will Trent Season 2 Episode 3 didn’t grab my attention like the others did. It also didn’t mesh well with the central storyline.

Political stories also grate on audiences’ nerves in this climate, so seeing the councilman’s wife kidnap and torture a pregnant woman didn’t sit well.

The best part was seeing Will deliver a baby, which increased his longing for a family.

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It was great seeing Angie and Michael back in action, but again, their case was a dud, as one brother killed another.

Best Character Arc Storyline-Amanda

Besides Will, Amanda was the most emotional character-centric. It still puzzles me why Will eventually agreed to keep Amanda’s secret but not Angie’s since Sonja Sohn shared that Will and Faith initially struggled with her past.

It was different in the 1980s, and female cops had other expectations, so seeing Amanda’s story through flashbacks was essential but heartbreaking.

Again, it was a murky case since you understood why she arrested Chuck Murray for drugs to get him off the street so he wouldn’t assault anyone else. It was illegal, but I understood her reasoning.

However, Amanda almost confessed so he would stop harassing her. It was such a fine line and so beautifully done. It was some of Sonja Sohn’s best work.

Most Improved Character-Det. Michael Ormewood

Det. Michael Ormewood won this category in the Will Trent Season 1 Report Card, too, but they have revamped his character even more since then.

Utilizing Michael’s family more in Season 2 softened his character and gave him some layers. He realized what he could lose when that bomb went off, and he almost lost his son.

While he couldn’t save his marriage, Michael made significant strides with his children. Max realized his side was a hero, but he did everyday things with them, like homework.

He’s proven he can be a single dad, so Gina will have a fight on her hands when she sues for custody.

Best Guest-Starring Role-Antonio Miranda (John Ortiz)

During Season 2, Will Trent has paraded in several big-name guest stars, including Susan Kelechi Watson as Cricket Dawson, a bomb expert. The fans loved her so much and were disappointed that she died after only one episode.

However, none of the guest stars have had the lasting effect that Antonio Miranda (John Ortiz) did. When he arrives in Will Trent Season 2 Episode 6 as Will’s long-lost uncle, he and Will are instantly connected.

While Will had formed a work family, he needed a biological family bond to feel connected to his birth mother, and Antonio was just as eager to communicate with him.

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When Antonio took Will to Puerto Rico to explore his roots and meet his family, the series was filmed on location, which was a bonus.

Best Dynamic Duo-Will Trent and Faith Mitchell

Will and Faith made a great team in Season 1, but their partnership grew stronger in Season 2 as they learned more about each other’s personal lives.

As Faith pointed out in the Season 2 finale, they had been through a lot together. This included the prison raid and dealing with James Ulster, and Faith supported him through his childhood memories.

The episode that highlighted their relationship the best was Will Trent Season 2 Episode 7, when Will escorted Faith to a wedding, and they encountered gunmen.

The duo worked alone to concoct a plan to save themselves, keep Jeremy safe, and alert APD that they needed assistance. They looked like they were in a James Bond film.

Most Impactful Cliffhanger-Will Arrests Angie

So many lives were impacted by Angie’s decision to protect Crystal and take the blame when Crystal stabbed Lenny in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 11.

The writing was on the wall that the decision would come back to haunt Angie when Erika Christensen teased that things aren’t forgotten and that sometimes, when our characters are personally involved in the cases, they’re a part of their lives from now on.

It became even more apparent that  Angie wanted to help Crystal because she felt a kinship with her, as Lenny had hurt her similarly at that age.

However, everyone, including Michael, warned Angie that getting involved with a troubled teenager could be dangerous.

They were right. Suddenly, a bunch of sex offenders were murdered, and it became a controversial case.

It’s difficult to mourn a pervert’s death, but Crystal chose men who reminded her of Lenny. Angie meant well when she protected and mentored Crystal, but it spiraled out of control.

Angie had hoped Will would have chosen her. Maybe he would have if she had confided in him earlier. It’s doubtful the two will be able to recover from this.

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Will Trent Season 2 Final Grade A-

This season featured many strong character arcs, but it didn’t include as many thought-provoking cases as Will Trent Season 1 did, which allowed Will to use his unique skills and perspectives.

Sometimes, there is too much of a good thing. Maybe in Season 3, the series will learn to balance the cases with the emotional character arcs even better.

It scores an A- because that season finale cliffhanger was too essential to leave fans waiting for over seven months for a resolution.

Over to you, Will Trent Fanatics. What were your favorite moments from Season 2?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share them with us below.

Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on X.

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