Why Fallout Didn’t Need To Use CGI As Much As You’d Think To Create The Real-Life Wasteland


Prime Video’s Fallout is one of the biggest new series of the year. It takes the Wasteland of the classic Fallout video games and brings it to life in live-action. Considering the world of the Fallout games involves mutated creatures and massive destruction, you might think the series used a lot of CGI to create its vision, but apparently not so much.

While the Wasteland of the Fallout games might not technically exist, there was apparently a place in the world that looked enough like the end of the world that it worked. Fallout star Aaron Moten recently spoke with our sister site GamesRadar and talked about what it was like filming in the desert of Namibia. He explained:

We were transported, truly, to a desolate set. It became our set, the sands of Namibia. That first feeling – I remember walking out and doing the scene. It took away a lot of the work you sometimes have to do as an actor. I obviously believe where we are. It felt like I got to reinvest in my scene partners and really dig deep into the story.

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