Track Premiere: Throat Locust – “Crimson (Water Reservoir)”


Greetings, Decibel readers. You might not need your morning coffee today, because the latest single from the Texan maniacs in Throat Locust is a pure shot of death-metal energy. For those of you who enjoy bands like Bloodbath, Vader, Grave, and Bolt Thrower — but with an added tinge of modern hardcore — you’ll be coming back for several cups of this fine brew.

The band has been around since 2022 and put out a demo and a couple singles. “Crimson (Water Reservoir)” shows a band perfecting its craft, blending crunchy guitars, intense gutterals vocals, and bruising rhythms for a catchy and infectious blend. And that breakdown at the end is guaranteed to open the pit up when they play it live. So get out your longsleeves and throw on some gym shorts while you’re at it, crank this up and get your morning started right!

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