The Morgan Wallen Lyric Everyone Is Mishearing: Explained


It’s been just over a year since the release of Morgan Wallen‘s latest album, One Thing At a Time. Off of that album is the eighth single, “Cowgirls,” which was released in April of 2024.

Imagine singing along to a song for months only to find out you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics. That appears to be the case for more than a handful of Morgan Wallen listeners who realized the words to the chorus of the song aren’t quite what they thought they were.

Keep reading to find out which line was misheard by so many, what the words to “Cowgirls” actually are and an explanation of what went down as fans realized what the lyrics really were.

The Morgan Wallen “Cowgirls” Lyric Everyone is Mishearing – Explained

While some Wallen fans might be already familiar with the song, “Cowgirls,” once a song gets released as an official single, it usually reaches far more people than the initial album cuts do.

This rings true for newcomers to the song and Wallen fans that might have not spent as much time with the album track before it became a radio single.

With that, can come some lyrical confusion, especially when the singer has a country twang, which is may only sound familiar to people who reside in the south.

The lyric in “Cowgirls” that is causing confusion, “rodeo for one night,” is in the chorus of the song.

Long live cowgirls / Never gonna settle on down girls
Leave you in a lonely ghost town world / Where the sun don’t rise
Rodeo for one night

The lyric that is being heard instead of “rodeo for one night” is “rodeo 419.” If you fast forward to 41 seconds in, you will hear it appear for the first time in the song.

The lyric is being misheard by so many people that there is a whole TikTok hashtag for it. #WhatDoesRodeo419Mean on TikTok takes you to multiple videos with millions of views.

These are videos of die-hard Wallen fans finding out for the first time that the lyric they thought was one thing was indeed something else.

Then, if you scoot on over to Reddit, you will find multiple threads with tons of upvotes about the misheard lyric as well.

One Reddit user writes, “I thought it was radio 419. I thought it was CB lingo or something. Gave it a google and realized I am an idiot.”

Another Reddit user says, “I thought it was an area code to somewhere that’s known for rodeoing.” Others chimed in, “I did too. I was like ‘oh, must be a Tennessee thing’ LOL”

One thing is for sure, everyone that ended up on those Reddit and Tik Tok threads about “rodeo 419” all felt a sense of relief and embarrassment once their truth was revealed.

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