Star Trek: Discovery’s David Ajala Is ‘Excited’ For Fans To See Additional Scene That Was Filmed After Cancelation, And I’m Really Hoping It’s What I Think It Is


Like it or not, Star Trek: Discovery is weeks away from its finale. While the cancellation was unexpected by fans, the studio did allow the series to film some additional scenes to better wrap up the series rather than leaving fans with an unsatisfying conclusion to stream with their Paramount+ subscriptions. We here at CinemaBlend are jazzed to see how the series is wrapped up, especially after David Ajala’s revealed that he’s really “excited” for fans to see one specific scene. And I’m hoping that moment entails what I’ve been thinking about.

I spoke to Ajala ahead of the debut of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Mirrors” episode and, while we talked about the installment, I also talked about how amazing it was that Season 5 has worked great as a final season thus far. When asked if there were any additional scenes filmed beyond the coda, he had some tidbits to share, which I believe readers will be interested in.

David Ajala Hinted At Additional Scene He’s Excited About

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