SpotemGottem Shot In Miami

Hip Hop

SpotemGottem is recovering in the hospital after being shot multiple times in a road rage incident in Miami.

Law enforcements tell TMZ the 19-year-old rapper was a passenger traveling down I-95 at 3 am when a car pulled up and fired from an automatic weapon. The driver was struck in his hip, while SpotemGottem suffered wounds in both legs. They were taken to a local hospital and listed in stable condition.

SpotemGottem, who recently released his Most Wanted album, is most known for his hit “BeatBox“, which has spawned countless remixes from DaBaby, Lil Yachty, Mulatto, and many others. In July, he was arrested on felony gun charges after police discovered him with an AK-47 pistol in his Miami hotel room.

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