Skylar Grey Might Scrap Her Album Cover Because of Billie Eilish


Skylar Grey is going back to the drawing board.

On Tuesday (April 27), the multi-talented artist and songwriter behind hits such as Eminem and Rihanna‘s “Love the Way You Lie” wrote on Facebook that she is considering scrapping the cover artwork for her upcoming album, Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Tears, because she’s worried people will accuse her of copying Billie Eilish.

“I just saw Billie Eilish posted her album cover (which is dope and I’m excited) but I figured I better ditch mine or people will think I copied her. So here it is so my [fam] can at least see what we made,” Grey announced in a post on her Facebook page.

“Oh well. Back to the drawing board,” she added.

See her message and album cover, below:

Skylar Grey via Facebook

Eilish revealed the cover for her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever, earlier this week. The album is due out July 30, and the first track off the record will release Thursday (April 29).

Both album covers feature the women, each blonde, with a single, dramatic tear rolling down their cheek.

However, Eilish’s cover features a mid-shot photo and has a light, golden/cream/tan color scheme, while Grey’s, which was photographed by Ryan McKinnon, features an intense close-up shot with darker grey and blue tones. Objectively, the two covers aren’t really all that similar except for the tear/crying-theme, which isn’t exactly an ultra new trope in pop music.

In addition, Grey’s artwork was shot and finished before Eilish revealed her Happier Than Ever artwork, and it’s safe to assume the two artists didn’t exactly consult each other while working on their respective albums. Hopefully Grey will stick to her original artwork, and hopefully listeners have enough sense to realize coincidences happen sometimes—even ones that aren’t all that similar to begin with.

Our advice to Skylar? Don’t make your album cover “Invisible”!

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