Satyricon Announces Collaboration with Munch Museum


The Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway — like, the actual, officially official museum dedicated to Edvard Munch — has announced that they’re collaborating with Satyricon — like, the actual, officially official black metal band — on a new exhibit.

A press release says that the exhibit, appropriately dubbed Satyricon & Munch, “explores the intersection of Black Metal and visual art, where a specially composed musical work is connected with a selection of Edvard Munch’s images.”

I just wanna let that sink in for a second. Can you imagine any such thing happening in the U.S.? Anyone see The Hemingway Home & Museum inviting Metallica to curate a For Whom the Bell Tolls-themed exhibit sometime soon? Think The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is planning on illustrating the intersection between stoner metal and flowers, do you? Maybe don’t hold your breath for Rockwell’s Rock Swell at The Norman Rockwell Museum. 

But I digress.

The press release goes on to say that Satyricon have been working on this project since the fall of 2018.

Sez the band:

“We consider this massive challenge the greatest honor of our career. Edvard Munch created some of the most iconic images in the world of art and through his career demonstrated the kind of courage and freedom we have always embraced and aspired to us as artists ourselves. To write music whose ambition is to take the art of Munch into uncharted territory, is quite a journey to be on. We look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming months.”

The exhibit opens March 26, 2022. If you’re a Satyricon fan and you don’t see yourself making it to Oslo anytime soon, fret not: the band plans to release the music as an album, which will also be called Satyricon & Munch.

Watch the announcement video, featuring Satyricon’s Satyr and Munch Museum curator Trine Otte Bak Nielsen, below.

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