Renaissance Woman Irene Michaels Releases New EP “Golden”

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Chicago based singer/songwriter and renaissance woman Irene Michaels has just launched her brand-new EP “Golden”, and Golden she is on many different levels. The EP is a fiery volcano of pop/ house music tracks that are sure to delight the ears of music lovers worldwide. “Irene Michaels” is an anomaly who has conquered the entertainment business for over 6 decades in nearly every possible realm. “Golden” is now available on Grand Slam Music.

Every day we are surrounded by elements of gold. Sunshine, honey, and the glow of a fire all radiate the color of gold. As one of the most precious metals that exists, real gold will never rust. Even time cannot destroy its shine. Irene Michaels has shined in many facets of her life, including her acting ability (General Hospital, Straight Talk, Married to the Mob, and more), modeling and dancing talents, lifestyle influences, being a respected authority on beauty and luxury, author of a best-selling book (I On Beauty) and her award-winning equestrian triumphs.

Her new EP highlights her singing power with tracks including “I Got My I On U”, “My Last Love”, “Party on Lake Shore Drive”, and a few surprises as well as “I Am Golden.” The songs are filled with energy, fueled with romance, and the poetry of the heart. The EP follows Irene’s house music hit via Trax Records “I Like Rain” which earned her last year’s Josie Music Award for Pop Single Song of the Year, and House Music Artist of the Year for Get Out Magazine. It also follows her cover of Jackie DeShannon’s “What the World Needs Now” via Tribeca Records, a timeless song now once again in the limelight as the theme for the trailer of Joker: Folie à Deux starring Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix.

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