Polo G’s Mother Admits She Shot At His Sister: Video Of Incident Emerges

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Polo G’s mother, Stacia Mac, confirmed she fired gunshots at her daughter, Leilani Capalot, during an altercation last Easter. Stacia spoke out after footage of the incident surfaced on Friday (June 21).

“Ya damn right I blew that mf!” Stacia wrote on Instagram Stories. “I NEVER said I didn’t. I thought it was 16 shots? ANOTHER LIE SHE TOLD and not a tear came out her eye bc she’s manipulative and calculated. Three warning shots to get an unstable person from my home where my baby and grand baby were afraid and upset. While SHE was having a full manic episode! I bet it got her ass off my property.

“And now y’all want to know how she got the video. I sent it to her dad! Bc she lied to him and said I shot at her 16 times! I don’t need to lie or win anyone’s sympathy I STAND ON THE TRUTH. Like I said SHE IS VERY calculating. Very manipulative and that video shows the very end to the altercation … Baby I’m a damn good shot.”

Leilani denied leaking the video.

“How can I leak a video from someone’s personal ring camera that only they have access to?” Leilani wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Some[one] I’m not contact with? After two months? YOU personally sent the video out thinking it was funny and your homies leaked it to the blogs! Take accountability!!!!”

Leilani said she did have a manic episode on Easter, but she accused her mother of triggering it. Polo G’s sister claimed she wasn’t the only family member subjected to their mom’s abuse.

“You guys saw only the CLIMAX of what happened on Easter,” Leilani wrote. “I was attacked verbally, emotionally, physically, consistently provoked, shot at, had my luggage stolen which in turn TRIGGERED a manic episode. I was antagonized both publicly and privately. For you to attempt to murder your child and send the video to multiple family and friends shows how and comfortable you are with your grotesque actions. Only for them to in turn sell it to the blogs and expose your true character smh.”

She continued, “I am not the only child she has done this to and gloated and bragged about it! I am not crazy! I still did not seek legal action nor council although she attempted to use her money and resources to have me arrested, my accounts removed etc. I am in extensive therapy and I hope she can do the same!”

Stacia said her daughter was trying to ruin her birthday. Polo G’s mother joked about having “a shot or 16” to celebrate.

Watch footage of the shooting below.

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