Nick Grant Shows Up Big In 2023, Top Album, Top Lyrics, And A Crazy Story Of Resilience And Realness

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Nick Grant, hailing from Walterboro, South Carolina, always stood out in a town of around 5,000 residents. His journey began with a simple challenge from friends who dared him to write a better rhyme than theirs. Nick not only won that bet but continued to dominate his neighbors and classmates, one rap battle at a time. That was a long time ago.

However, fate had other plans for Nick and his family, leading them to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, the epicenter of rap music. This new environment provided the perfect breeding ground for his innate talent. In 9th grade, upon enrolling at Washington High School, Nick immediately immersed himself in the world of rap, skipping school to face off against college students at the nearby Clark Atlanta University, honing his lyrical skills.

Today, Nick stands in a unique space as a young rapper with the hunger of a Golden Era lyricist vying for greatness. His respect in the rap scene has been a gradual and well-deserved one, recognized by various media outlets, tastemakers, and fans for his clever wordplay. AllHipHop’s own Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur once dubbed him “The Luke Skywalker of Rap,” a reference to the iconic Star Wars hero. His success can be attributed to a myriad of things, including his “there is no try” mentality. His unwavering commitment to individuality, storytelling, diverse subject matter, and musical experimentation has carried him forward. But, it is lyrical abilities that will keep him among the elite. Possessing these qualities has set him on a path to becoming one of the industry’s most influential voices with his latest project, “Sunday Dinner.”

Nick runs the gamut of conversation in this exclusive interview with Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. He explains the difficulty of his current path, but also why the past efforts with Jason Geter and Chaka Zulu didn’t work. However, the South Cackalacky native explains why Los Angeles is home now and the life changes that have changed his perspective. The pair discuss why Sunday Dinner is really the “first album” he always wanted to make and why it might just be the best rap album of 2023. Reacquaint yourself with the Jedi Nick Grant.

Check out Sunday Dinner and some videos below.

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