New Music Releases Today June 12, 2024


How are we halfway through June already? It actually seems illegal how fast the summer passes by, there’s so much I want to accomplish in no time whatsoever. But enough about me, the main point here is that we’re looking at the weekend once again.

Whether this was the best or worst week of your life, there’s one thing we can all agree on: music will help any situation. Yes, there’s a song out there that will make you forget about everything else in life while it’s playing…you just have to find it.

And you may be wondering: yeah, but why do you care? Well, dear reader, you’ve actually stumbled upon the place for new music released today. Every Friday, hundreds of new songs are released…and sure, you can comb through every New Music Friday playlist curated on your Spotify or Apple Music. But wouldn’t it be easier if one place made a playlist with the best-of-the-best on it?

Yes. It would. And that’s why we’re all here: I make a weekly playlist with the best new songs released so you don’t have to do all that aimless searching and listening on your own. It’s okay to be lazy when you’re listening to my Weekend Playlists!

This week, we have a bunch of fresh new tracks that can easily get you through the weekend. Without further ado, let’s get listening!

R3HAB, Don Diablo, NEEKA- “Disco Marathon” 

Welcome back to the 70’s…because it’s a disco summer! The EDM/house world is fully leaning into the club disco track, which is why R3HAB, Don Diablo, and NEEKA teamed up for “Disco Marathon.” If you want a feel good track that gets you and your friends dancing, this is a great start to your playlist.

“Disco Marathon” is captivating from the very start- a sonic shift for both R3HAB and Don Diablo that blends their sounds perfectly.

Ashton Irwin- “Straight To Your Heart” 

We recently got the chance to sit down with Ashton ahead of his sophomore solo album release, Blood on the Drums. After speaking a bit about “Straight To Your Heart” I learned that Ashton was really inspired by the bands of the 80’s who leaned heavily into synths. Now, as he releases the first part of Blood on the Drums, “Straight To Your Heart” is here for the world.

It’s a testament to his prowess as a songwriter and singer, a multi-instrumentalist who has years’ experience under his belt. “Straight To Your Heart” is pure fun all the way through.

Jelly Roll- “I Am Not Okay” 

Just in time for Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, Jelly Roll releases “I Am Not Okay”- an introspective track about needing help but not wanting to talk about it. With lyrics like “I woke up today/I almost stayed in bed/Had the devil on my back”, it’s a prevalent reminder that although we all have our dark moments, have have to keep going.

Jelly Roll has been a longtime advocate for mental health awareness through his music, and his mission continues by spreading the word in “I Am Not Okay.”

Benjamin Ingrosso- “Look Who’s Laughing Now”

Benjamin Ingrosso’s vocal ability shines through in his new single, “Look Who’s Laughing Now.” The song almost was made for live performances, with big sounds building to a crescendo throughout the entire song. It’s an easy listen, both uplifting and confident all in one. Ingrosso says,

Look who’s laughing now is about announcing to yourself and the world you can be whoever you want to be in all of your imperfections and still have the best time of your life and come out winning.”

Tove Lo, SG Lewis- “HEAT”

What makes a collaboration successful is the ability for both artists to blend their sounds in a way that makes sense, that makes people want to hear more from them. It doesn’t work every time, but with Tove Lo and SG Lewis, the four tracks that make their EP, HEAT, it works tremendously. The energy is palpable throughout each and every song, and you never want it to end.

The four tracks- title track “HEAT”, “Let me go OH OH”, “Busy Girl”, and “Desire”- are equally exciting across the board. They find a way to combine sex appeal with synths and bass, and then you add in Tove Lo’s crooning vocals and you have yourself a hit collection of songs.

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