Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Abomination


Is gaining new powers normal for young witches?

The members of the Bellweather Unit were dealing with powers they’ve gained since basic training on Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 2.

The strange thing was that General Alder and her staff appeared just as confused about this development as the young trainees themselves.

The most intriguing of the trio is the changes in sweet, naive Tally.

Tally was making the most of her second chance at life after a short stint as one of Alder’s Biddies.

She used her power of empathy, volunteering to tutor Penelope Silver, the vice president’s daughter, to help her catch up before basic training starts up again.

Tally, whose mother resisted her enlistment, understood what Penelope was going through and wanted to be a friend to her.

This was a clever way to fold a recruit into a unit that’s on its way to War College. It’s also a pathway for outside, anti-witch sentiment to filter through to the trio.

Tally is a scrier, able to see events before they happen, which has come in handy when she goes out on missions.

But has her power evolved after she was changed into a Biddy?

Tally has had a couple of dreams/nightmares in which she was an observer of a jungle battle against the Kamarilla led by Alder. The second one included an unknown warrior in a featured role.

When taking Penelope through the Fort Salem museum, Tally discovered a doctored photo from which that warrior had been erased.

The photo would suggest that the battle Tally had been seeing happened in the past. So why is that soldier being removed from the photo, and by whom? Alder?

Tally was also able to see the lines of sound being used in their Anti-Canon exercise. From the way the teacher reacted, apparently, being able to do so wasn’t at all common. So does it make Tally a secret weapon as well?

The phenomenon that Raelle and Abigail demonstrated actually had its roots back on Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 7, when Raelle touched the mycelium wall in the necromancers’ hall.

At the same time, it just seemed like she’d gotten frostbite in one finger, and that was the end of it. Apparently not.

Unfortunately, Izadora couldn’t duplicate the conditions in the lab, and Alder was ready to write it off as a one-time fluke.

That is until Izadora started examining that woodland head found right near where Raelle and Abigail’s phenomenon happened.

First, it started echoing Raelle’s conversation with M. Then, when she sliced it open, the brain was coated in the mycelium.

That led to her imprisoning the two in separate containers. The mycelium reacted to protect Raelle while Abigail just got knocked out.

What does that mean? Raelle, without knowing how, can wield the mycelium, which apparently no one else can. Also, she’s able to heal that witch plague, which will come in handy in the war to come with the Kamarilla.

Wonder how Raelle will react when she finds out her mother Willa is still alive and is one of the leaders of the Spree?

The Army and the Spree will inevitably have to join forces against the Kamarilla. So Raelle is bound to find out about Willa.

Raelle also is going to reconnect with Scylla, who asked Willa the hard question: Why didn’t she go back to her family?

Willa’s excuse was fairly lame since there was no way that Raelle and her father were better off without her being there. Raelle idolizes Willa and could have used more of her perspective about life in the military.

Scylla seemed to be succeeding in infiltrating that anti-witch hate movement, which has to connect to the Kamarilla. As she said, it is too well funded to be getting by on donations.

Why is Scylla using her real face rather than transforming into a different one? Her likeness has to be on a wanted poster somewhere, doesn’t it?

The enjoyable twist was that Anacostia was doing the same thing, seeming on her own. She was believable when she explained to Scylla how she was having doubts about some things being done by Alder and the Army.

Scylla and Anacostia worked well together while drawing in speaker Shane and his wife, Bonnie. Despite being on opposite sides, those two genuinely appear to like each other. Now they’ve established themselves as friends; they should keep teaming up.

The separation between the Tarim and the Army remained in the works. Khalida planned to tour other countries around the world, trying to find a place for her people.

Fortunately for Abigail, she has decided to leave Adil at Fort Salem temporarily. She told Abigail in no uncertain terms not to get too attached to him.

When they’re together, they make the earth shake. But is that her power, his power, or something that happens when they get it on? That was none too clear.

The Tarim will have to come into the upcoming battle on the side of the witches. They’ll be a Kamarllla target, the same as the other witches.

To revisit the Kamarilla, watch Motherland: Fort Salem online.

Why has the Bellweather Unit developed new powers?

How long before Raelle meets Willa?

Is Anacostia genuinely discontented?

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