Ludacris Opens Up About Auditioning For The Film ‘Crash’

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Ludacris recently revisited his experience working on a classic early 2000s film by sharing a nostalgic Instagram post for Throwback Thursday, in which he reminisced about the nerve-wracking moment he auditioned in front of his acting G.O.A.T., Don Cheadle.

On Thursday (June 20), the rapper and actor shared a personal anecdote about the high-pressure audition that landed him his breakout role in the 2004 film Crash. In his role as the character Anthony, Ludacris, is a thief and the right hand man to Tate’s character Peter. The pair factor into a multi-layered and deeply stratified storyline where the lives of multiple characters in the city of Los Angeles clash in the face of heightened racial tension within a 36-hour timeline.

According to the caption in his post, a key part of Ludacris landing his role was contingent on how well he did during a script read with the film’s star, Don Cheadle, whose character was the racist womanizer Detective Graham.

“True Story, I Had To Read In Front Of @doncheadle For This Role,” Ludacris began his caption of the post featuring a clip of a scene from the film. “I Remember Being Nervous as F##k Because I Look Up To Him So Much As An Actor. But I Can Only Assume It Didn’t Affect My Audition Too Much Cause I Ended Up Landing The Role.”

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Despite the nerves, Ludacris says his experience during the audition left a lasting impression, and continued by revaling his thoughts on the significance of the opportunity he got in working closely with Tate during the production.

“Then It Was A Dream Come True To Work Besides Another Actor I Was Inspired By, My Virgo brother @larenztate Who Became My Best Friend Throughout This Process,” he said.

As he concluded, Ludacris highlighted the monumental success of Crash, noting its achievement in securing the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2004.

“Add That To The Fact This Movie Went On To Secure An Academy Award For BEST PICTURE in 2004 THE REST IS F##### HISTORY,” he wrote.

Tate responded in the comment section of the post, writing, “Truth! Brotherhood Unbreakable! Classics.”

Ludacris’ portrayal of Anthony in Crash served as a pivotal moment in his acting career and helped establish him as a versatile performer capable of handling complex roles. Following Crash, Ludacris expanded his filmography with roles in high-grossing films such as the Fast & Furious series, where he played Tej Parker, contributing to the franchise’s global box office earnings exceeding $6 billion. His role in Fast & Furious 6 alone saw earnings of $788 million worldwide . Additionally, Ludacris has starred in other notable films like Hustle & Flow and New Year’s Eve, where his performances have been both critically and commercially successful.

His growing filmography has not only diversified his career but also significantly increased his earning potential. Ludacris has secured lucrative contracts, with reports indicating he earned up to $1 million per film for supporting roles and significantly higher for starring roles.

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