Listen to David Byrne and Devo’s unearthed collaboration ‘Empire’


David Byrne and Devo have shared an unearthed collaborative song called ‘Empire’ – you can listen to it below.

The track was originally written by the pair for the former Talking Heads frontman’s fifth solo album, 1997’s ‘Feelings’, but it didn’t make the final cut. A version of the tune appears on Byrne’s 2004 record ‘Grown Backwards’.

As announced earlier this year, the almost three-decade-old team-up between Byrne and Devo will feature on ‘Noise For Now, Vol. 2’ – a charity compilation to benefit independent abortion providers in the US.

The collection is due for release on June 21, marking two years since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Other artists to have contributed to the project include Faye WebsterThe War on Drugs and Courtney Barnett.

“I worked with members of Devo on two songs, one of which [‘Wicked Little Doll]’ is on the album [‘Feelings’],” Byrne said in a statement, referring to a cut featuring Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale.

“The other one, ‘Empire’, is an ironic capitalist fascist anthem and, at the time, I thought our version was just too mean and caustic for release.”

He continued: “Well, times change, and it certainly resonates now in ways it maybe didn’t then. It was a joy to work with the Devo guys, they knew exactly what the song is about.”

Casale added: “We were on board working with the dark satire of David Byrne’s ‘Empire’ over 30 years ago. The song was prescient and we got it. Now it can be heard!

“Unfortunately, the forces of tyranny are striking with impunity now. These bad actors are not Pro-Life so much as they are Anti-Choice. They want women to live in a real-life version of The Handmaid’s Tale.”

He went on: “But there’s more of us who respect human rights than those who want to crush those rights. Freedom of choice is a constant fight. Devo salutes Noise For Now for their efforts to save a woman’s right to abortion.”

You can listen to David Byrne and Devo’s ‘Empire’ above.

The Noise For Now non-profit “enables artists and entertainers to connect with and financially support grassroots organisations that work in the field of Reproductive Justice, including abortion access”, per its official website.

It adds: “Noise For Now is the link between touring musicians, progressive promoters, athletes, artists and local reproductive rights organisations in cities across the country.”

The first volume of the ‘Noise For Now’ series was released last November, featuring contributions from Wet LegMaya Hawke, Tegan And Sara and more. Byrne and Devo’s ‘Empire’ was made available just 24 hours last October as part of the ‘Good Music To Ensure Safe Abortion Access To All’ benefit album.

Meanwhile, last month saw the release of ‘Everyone’s Getting Involved: A Tribute To Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense’ featuring covers by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Paramore and Lorde.

In other news, Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz recently sparked rumours of a possible reunion of the band.

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