Leland Sklar and Cosmic Wire Announce “Leland Sklar’s NFT Store”


Iconic bass player Leland Sklar and holistic media moguls Cosmic Wire celebrate the new online NFT store featuring NFT collections from the life and times of Sklar himself. Leland has played with some of the most Legendary artists on the planet including James Taylor, Phil Collins, Toto, Willie Nelson, and so many more for over a half a century. During this time, he has slowly been collecting items of value from tours, recording sessions, and other artists.

Leland will be offering a rare collection of digital trading cards based on his best-selling book “Everybody Loves Me.” He will include a 13th card in a certain number of packs which will give fans a chance to hang with Leland. Every item will be digitally authenticated with certificates of originality. The pre-sale of these cards have started and will be over by November 12th. Each pack of cards will contain 12 except for the lucky ones that receive the extra 13th card. They will be sold for $44 and delivered by November 15th.

NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are all unique and supported by block chain technology. NFT’s are 100% counterfeit proof. Once you mint an NFT that’s the only version that can exist and it’s easy to prove its authenticity. An NFT is one of the most exciting, transformative innovations block chain has to offer developers and businesses.

Leland’s NFT store was made possible by Cosmic Wire, a full-service artist and entertainment label and development firm focused on a holistic approach to music creation. Jerad Finck, mastermind behind Cosmic Wire specializes in protecting and monetizing the world’s most valuable IP. The NFT enables artists to sell their own work directly and Cosmic Wire is focused on fair agreements, direct rewards and downstream residuals via their propriety licensing and publishing model.

The official website for Leland Sklar’s Cosmic Wire NFT Store may be found at https://www.lelandsnftstore.com

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