Legacies Season 3 Episode 12 Review: I Was Made to Love You


For an hour supposed to lift the lid on some of the biggest mysteries, Legacies Season 3 Episode 12 was a bit all over the place.

It excelled in some areas, stalled in others, and completely failed in some aspects.

Seriously, it’s one step forward and two back with this show, and it’s starting to grate on my nerves.

If you watch Legacies online, you know Landon’s return was too easy, and Legacies fanatics have been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since.

Him being revealed as the bone dude was anti-climactic because fans have been calling it for weeks.

When you’re trying to pull off genuinely exciting storytelling, you need to examine the plot for coincidences.

Take note, Legacies writers.

The only good thing to come from this plot is that we may finally have the real Landon back in the land of the living, allowing Hope to move on with the next stage of her life eventually.

With the number of people her family has managed to cross over the years, you’d think she would have been able to sense there was something iffy about Cleo from the get-go.

My best theory here was that Cleo was a face from the Mikaelson past, back to enact revenge for something the Originals did years ago.

Then again, those storylines have been beaten to death in the franchise, so, fortunately, that aspect felt fresher than usual.

Cleo being locked up in the ascendant was a surprise because she oozed warmth wherever she went, leading me to believe she was one of the good ones.

Yes, she could still be one of the good guys, but she’s going to face an uphill battle to have any sort of power in the school again.

Hope has issues trusting people who double-cross her, and let’s just say Cleo should be happy Hope is not a full-blown Tribrid yet, or she would have gone full Mikaelson.

As for where this scenario leaves Hope and Landon, I don’t know. They are both probably scarred because of what happened in the past, and even the supposed regular iteration of the character looks a little bit awkward.

He’s hiding a deep, dark secret, and we need to get some solid answers before I lose interest for good. The trailer for Legacies Season 3 Episode 13 didn’t exactly give me peace of mind things will move along nicely.

Instead, it looks like Hope will still be trying to make the real Landon Kirby stand up, and that’s unfortunate.

Can we all agree the show needs to move on from Landon and the Malivore plot?

The way the story is going, it’s like we’re in the home stretch of a series that’s doing its best to avoid answering questions until the series finale.

I don’t mind Landon sticking around, but at least give the actor less repetitive material to work with.

These actors are very talented, but they need to be challenged in the material given to them.

At least with the return of the Necromancer, there was actually some character development. To date, he’s been a one-dimensional villain, regularly trading in the good aspects for cheap jokes.

Oh, there were some cheap jokes, but the Necromancer actually killing himself to save Alaric proved the story he was telling all along was right.

The Necromancer had worn out his welcome eons ago, but there was still a lot to like about Ted, even though he would always be closely tethered to his evil side.

There was a warmth to this iteration of the character, and we can’t forget how he helped Josie realize there was more to life than being anti-Finch.

Josie and Finch have had enough relationship drama in their short time together to last a lifetime, but it’s laughable if you believe they will be able to enroll at the school and put the past behind them.

Finch is not going to forget the wicked things Lizzie did to get answers about her past. Rather than rushing off when the going got tough, Lizzie should have been there to either support her sister or her friends.

Ethan wanting to die to become a superhero was absurd. It was another predictable storyline that felt like a horrible way to utilize the fact that Leo Howard is now a series regular.

If Legacies can’t make these characters mesh into the universe, they should not be series regulars.

Ethan is one of the better characters on the show, but it felt like all of the good he’s done with M.G. has been obliterated because he wanted to become a vampire.

Was he selfish? Yes.

M.G. has already let his ripper side come out to play, and something tells me Ethan would turn off his humanity at the drop of a hat.

Could you imagine these two on a crime spree in Mystic Falls? Unless they truly stay apart, it could happen.

“I Was Made to Love You” was a ho-hum installment. The series is retreading the same water in many aspects, making it difficult to care about what comes next.

What did you think of that Cleo reveal?

Were you surprised?

Who do you think will die next?

Hit the comments.

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