Kvelertak Release Old School Side-Scroller and 8-Bit EP


Did you enjoy playing video games in the 80s and/or early 90s? Do you miss the “good old days” of side-scrollers and 8-bit soundtracks? Do you love Kvelertak? Are you looking for a way to squander precious minutes of your life glued to your phone (no judgments, we all do it)?

Well, then this is for you, min venn!

Kvelertak have just released Game of Doom (not be confused with the game of Doom) for IOS and Android. According to a press release, Game of Doom “takes fans and singer Ivar Nikolaisen on an epic quest through a retro-style maze where they are tasked with finding the other band members, as well as defeating the ghost of Tagholdt, who haunts a local museum and is a character from the song ‘Fanden ta dette hull!’” 

Says the band of the game:

“Your favorite superheroes are finally back — in a game where you can swing a REAL axe!”

I mean, I don’t think you can actually swing a real axe, but I haven’t played the game yet so maybe the app is like totally magic and a real axe will appear in your hand during gameplay. No promises tho.

On top of that, the Norwegian ruckus-generators have released Splid: Game of Doom, an EP collecting four 8-bit versions of songs from Splid. I’m listening to it even as I type this and in case you’re wondering, yeah, this shit is still mad catchy in 8-bit form.

You can watch a trailer for the game and listen to the EP below.

The game is available here for Apple users and here for Android users.

Get Splid: Game of Doom here.

Splid: Game of Doom EP Track Listing

  1. “Bråtebrann” (Game of Doom Version)
  2. “Crack of Doom”(Game of Doom Version)
  3. “Discord” (Game of Doom Version)
  4. “Fanden ta dette hull!” (Game of Doom Version) 

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