Kid Rock Shouts Homophobic Slur at Fan in Tennessee


That Kid Rock slings homophobic slurs around like they’re candy from a piñata shouldn’t be all that shocking to anyone. Rock — aka Bob Ritchie Jr. — hasn’t exactly been a torch-bearer for PC culture over the past several years.

Nevertheless, his latest public incident has got the culture wars as fired up as ever. During a performance in Smithville, TN, Rock, angered that some onlookers had begun filming what looks to be an impromptu karaoke performance with their phones, called some of his own fans “fa**ots.”

TMZ have obtained video of the incident, which took place at Fishlipz Grill, a restaurant at Pate’s Ford Marina. The clip shows Rock look directly into a phone camera and bark, “Fuck your iPhone, yeah! You can post this, you can post this, you can post this dick right now!” while pointing to his crotch, before continuing, “You fucking fa**ots with your iPhones out!”

Security at the venue, which appears to be a small bar, had reportedly been asking patrons not to film Rock.

It’s unlikely that Rock’s mostly conservative fanbase will take much issue with his choice of language, and this video’s circulation could even endear him to some fans. Perhaps that failed Senate bid is still on the table after all!

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