Kendrick Lamar’s Leaked Diss Track Sends Shots At J. Cole?

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As the current rap beef heats up, following disses from Rick Ross, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky and Drake, a rumored leaked diss track from Kendrick Lamar has fans questioning if the shots sent are real or generated by A.I.

In case you need a re-cap, Future and Metro Boomin’s We Still Don’t Trust You album re-ignited the feud with Drake due to a litany of subliminals. Following J. Cole’s retraction of his K. Dot diss, “7 Minute Drill,” Rick Ross appeared to take issue with Drake’s alleged leaked diss track, which addressed the entire situation, including the MMG and OVO rapper’s fallout, and delivered a diss track dismantling Drake’s appearance— his nose, specifically.

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Now, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, a rumored Kendrick Lamar diss has hit the internet, and within hours, has sent social media into shambles. But whether the bars truly originated from K. Dot’s pen has been a point of emphasis, despite the nature of inflammatory lyrics themselves. No matter if the diss record was A.I.-generated or not, some of the one liners are worth a second examination to prove authenticity and or just to gawk at the pettiness.

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One of the most unsavory bars arrives within the first 16 of the verse as Kendrick Lamar (or A.I.) for that matter, raps, “I dominated your favorite rapper you idolize/My silence is enough to make n###as apologize.

“Retracted statements Cole saying he regretting his lyrics/MC’s die when you revived the competitive spirit/How to kill a rapper, let em do it to theyself, self inflicted career wounds they fear helped.”

The lyrics continue: “One rap n###a dead laid on the floor, and I didn’t have throw any bullets for him to go/Now that we got that out the way it’s one more to go/Stop wasting time, let’s get this show on the road/N###as was ignoring repeat disses, and when they did respond they entertained it as weak disses/And now that it’s direct it’s leaked disses from burner pages and all. Insecure behavior from n###as y’all call gods.”

In a case like this, where does one draw the line? Though it’s almost certainly AI-generated, does this diss move the needle in any one direction or the other, in favor of an artist claiming the top spot within the Big Three. Or is the track purely irrelevant as is? Does the release of this record mount even more pressure on Kendrick Lamar to drop a response? Does the fact Drake’s diss was leaked and not actually released put The 6 God at a disadvantage?

Honestly, I have no f###ing clue. So y’all gonna have to find out on the next episode of Hip-Hop Ball Z! Rest in peace Akira Toriyama.

Stream the full leaked diss track below.

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