Kendrick Lamar Says Drake “Should Die” In Latest Response

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Kendrick Lamar evidently had a response to Drake locked and loaded. Less than an hour after the OVO leader fired off “Family Matters,” K. Dot unleashed “Meet The Grahams” on YouTube, a reference to Drake’s surname. This time, he starts off the track by apologizing to Drake’s son Adonis for having to endure him as a father.

“It takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive/I look at him and wish your grandpa woulda wore a condom/I’m sorry that you gotta grow up and then stand behind him/Life is hard, I know, the challenges always gon’ be this home/Sometimes our parents make mistakes that affect us until we grown.”

From there, Kendrick implores Adonis to let him be his role model with, “And you a good kid that need good leadership/Let me be your mentor, since your daddy don’t teach you s###/Never let a man p### on your leg, son/Either you die right there or pop that man in the head, son/Never fall in the escort business, that’s bad religion/Always remember, you could be a b#### even if you got b######/Never code switch, whether right or wrong, you a Black man/Even if it don’t benefit your goals, do some push ups.”

Kendrick Lamar proceeds to address other members of Drake’s family, including father Dennis Graham and mother Sandi Graham. At one point, he tells Dennis he produced a “master manipulator.”

“I’m blamin’ you for all his gamblin’ addictions,” he continues. “Psychopath intuition, the man who like to play victim/You raised a horrible f#####’ person, the nerve of you, Dennis/Sandra, sit down, what I’m about to say is heavy, now listen/Mhm, your son’s a sick man with sick thoughts/I think n##### like him should die/Him and Weinstein should get f##### up in a cell for the rest they life.”

Rumor had it Kendrick was sitting on a 19-minute version of “euphoria,” which he dropped on Monday (April 30). “Meet The Grahams,” another more than six-minute offering, could possibly stem from that. Either way, the battle continues to heat up. Will this be the end of it? Only time will tell. Until then, listen to “Meet The Grahams” above and find “Family Matters” below.

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