Interpol have “been working on new music since last summer”


Interpol have revealed that they’ve been working on new music remotely for the last year, and have recently started developing tracks in person.

In a post on Instagram, the band said that due to the coronavirus pandemic “we had to use the internet to circulate ideas and collaborate remotely. This was a new experience for us.

“Fortunately, in recent months, we’ve had the opportunity to get together in person and continue to develop those ideas the old-fashion way: loud and in the flesh.”


They continued: “We recently completed our second round of in-person writing, this time in a house in the Catskills,” and added that coronavirus restrictions “have informed our music positively, we feel. We took it as a chance to grow and made the best of it.

“Hopefully this work shows that when one is forced to find new ways to meet familiar challenges the results can be unexpected and beautiful.”

The band said it will be “a little while” until they release new tracks, but that “It’s gonna be magical to play live and be together with our fans again! Fully epic.”

Although they released the ‘A Fine Mess EP’ in 2019, Interpol’s last studio album was 2018’s ‘Marauder’. However, frontman Paul Banks has been quite busy in the time since.

His band Muzz, formed with Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman, played their first ever live shows last November, and he has also announced the resurrection of his Banks & Steelz project with Wu-Tang Clan‘s RZA.


Last month, meanwhile, a GoFundMe campaign to restore the creepy puppet from Interpol‘s ‘Evil’ video outstripped its target.

The puppet, which appeared badly beaten in the original video, is said to be in an even worse state 17 years down the line

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