I Watched Breaking Bad And Better Call Saul In Chronological Order, And These Are My 7 Big Takeaways


Over the course of 14 years, audiences witnessed the unfolding of one of the greatest crime sagas in the history of television. Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and the streaming movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie are together a stunning achievement chronicling the rise and fall of drug empire based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, with all three parts of the franchise delivering tremendous writing and brilliant performances from all of the stars. As a whole, it’s a remarkable viewing experience – and what only makes it more special is the fact that there are multiple ways to watch.

Fans who watched the shows and the movie as they premiered have already experienced the canon in release order, but now audiences can also watch the continuity unfold in chronological order, which involves watching most of Better Call Saul first, switching to Breaking Bad, and then checking out El Camino before returning to Better Call Saul’s final four episodes. I recently did my own rewatch of the franchise in this latter fashion, and there are seven takeaways I have from the experience.

Walt and Jessie in Breaking Bad

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Better Call Saul Enhances Tuco’s Scariness In Breaking Bad

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