I Just Found Out Squid Game Was Pitched For A Decade Before Netflix Realized It Could Be A Major Hit


Very few shows on Netflix have reached record-breaking views by amassing over a billion views within 60 days. That list includes Dahmer – Monster: A Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Stranger Things and, of course, Squid Game. When the latter premiered in 2021, it became an instant hit. Squid Game’s success was immense, and it even caught the eyes of people like Jeff Bezos, so, you can imagine how surprised I was to learn that the show was initially pitched a decade ago.

Netflix C.E.O. Ted Sarandos spoke to The New York Times about his and the streamer’s background. This included Netflix representing more cultures with its content, which is obvious now. However, 10 years ago things were very different for the streaming giant. Sarandos admitted that Squid Game was pitched as a movie way back when, then fast forward several years, and it became one of the biggest shows in the country and one of the best Korean dramas currently streaming:

The creator of Squid Game, he pitched that show as a movie for 10 years. He had almost completely given up on it, and our team in Korea had the foresight to advise him that this is a great story, but it’s a much bigger world. Have you ever thought about going out and trying to break down that world a little more and giving us a little more exposition? And he went off and wrote those scripts and made Squid Game, and it became the most-watched show in the history of Netflix around the world, including in the United States.

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