Hunter Biden listened to Fleet Foxes whilst receiving lap dance, testimony reveals


Fleet Foxes ended up being brought into Hunter Biden’s ongoing trial in Delaware when it emerged he had played the band from his phone while receiving a lap dance.

The son of the US President has been on trial for allegedly lying about his drug use when purchasing a firearm in 2018. He claimed to be sober at the time despite reports suggesting he was in the throes of a cocaine addiction.

Several of Biden’s ex-girlfriends have testified during the trial, including the exotic dancer Zoe Kestan. She spoke about their first meeting, in which she and another dancer gave Biden a lap dance in a private room at a Midtown Manhattan strip club in 2017. Kestan mentioned that Biden started playing Fleet Foxes on his phone and smoked something she assumed was crack cocaine. She also said that he was often withdrawing cash for drug deals.

“I felt really safe around him,” she said [via Politico].

Robin Peckinold of Fleet Foxes
Robin Peckinold of Fleet Foxes. Credit: Stephen J Cohen/Getty

The trial is the first to have taken place involving the child of a sitting US president. Biden did not testify and pleaded not guilty. If he is found guilty, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

Biden’s trial follows another historic set of court proceedings relating to the US president. Last month, former president Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts lobbied against him for falsifying records in an attempt to cover up hush money payments to porn star Stormi Daniels in the lead up to the 2016 presidential elections, which he won. Daniels alleged that she had sexual relations with Trump in 2006, which he has continually denied.

The guilty verdict now makes Trump the first-ever President of the United States to be convicted of a crime. Trump is due to return to Manhattan court on July 11 for his sentencing.

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