Hailey Bieber’s Initial Necklace Is Sparking A Trend


Do you remember a few years ago when everyone was wearing their colossal Anthropologie initial necklaces? You could see the emboldened Scarlet Letter from a mile away. Everyone who was anyone had one…but quickly, they cycled out of style. Mine still remains in my archives, collecting dust as a relic in my jewelry cabinet.

Every two years or so, there’s a new form of the Anthropologie initial necklace that surfaces. Suddenly, we are all
super proud of our initials. Since my name is essentially pronounced like a letter, I’m wearing my name loud and proud.

There was the monogram trend that went hand-in-hand with Lily Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines. Your initials emblazoned on any surface: sheets, towels, bags, and of course, necklaces.

Yes, the trend may die but the idea stays the same. And look I get it, an initial necklace
seemingly should never go out of style…because it’s an homage to your name. However, we get overzealous with trends…and these initial necklaces are far from simple.

Which is why I cringed internally when I saw Hailey Bieber donning a bubble letter, diamond encrusted initial necklace. I knew what was coming. I got war flashbacks to girls flocking the necklace stand at Anthro. Going from store to store just to find their initials. Chills.

What is the Hailey Bieber Initial Necklace, you ask?

Hailey is a minimalist in her style- often layering thin gold bangles with chains and simple diamonds. Which is what made this necklace stand out in the first place. Her cool “It Girl” style has been accompanied by a huge necklace. But doesn’t it also kind of remind you of a chain a football player would wear pregame?

Bieber isn’t known for her end zone celebrations, however. She’s known for her trends and her fashion (and also her husband). And, actually, she designed this herself.

Alex Moss, a New York-based jewelry designer whose brand has skyrocketed since his opening in 2020, is the genius behind the design. He’s crafted pieces for A$AP Rocky and Drake, but when Hailey came to Moss for her design- it wasn’t in existence quite yet.
He says,

“I have to give Hailey all the credit for the idea of the B,” explains the jeweler. “She told me her vision of a bubble letter; I thought of it like an inflatable birthday balloon.”

And that’s not all. Alex Moss then proceeded to design a similar styled “J” ring that Hailey often sports. The same bubble letters, the same diamonds, everything.

I can already see it now: jewelry brand after jewelry brand mass producing copies of Hailey’s initial necklace…because anything Hailey touches turns into a sell-out trend. In fact, when you Google “Hailey Bieber initial necklace”, there’s already a few dupes on the market.

But I’m here to be your voice of reason.
You don’t need the gaudy initial necklace just because Hailey has it. Please.

Look, I’ll speak towards myself to make it make sense: I don’t know how to style this necklace to make it work for everyday wear. It’s ginormous, gargantuan, capacious, sizable, ample, tremendous, and astronomic. It takes up half of Hailey’s chest. You can barely see what she’s wearing past that huge piece.

It’s good for Hailey Bieber, but maybe not so doable for the non-Nepo Babies like us.

Timeless Initial Necklaces That Aren’t Hailey’s

I know we all want to feel as glamorous as Hailey, but sometimes less is more…especially when you can’t afford the real deal Alex Moss necklace that she sports. And, if you purchase something a bit more muted, you’re guaranteed a timeless piece that you won’t cringe at in a few months’ time.

If you’re looking for an initial necklace revival, here are a few of my fave unostentatious picks:

Brook and York Mackenzie Birthstone Initial Pendant I love this because it’s wholeheartedly you. Both your birthstone and your initial stamp will give you something that no one else has. Plus, I love how dainty it is.

Kendra Scott Inline Initial NecklaceUnique, but not taking away from your outfit. This will give you something different that you can easily layer with other necklaces.

Kendra Scott Diamond Letter Initial NecklaceDiamonds are a girl’s best friend…and if you liked the sparkle from Hailey’s necklace, this will give you a nice fix without overdoing it.

Abbott Lyon Double Initial Crystal NecklaceSomething different, yet still fun- having both of your initials overlapping. It’s classy and I haven’t seen many people wearing it yet. A bonus.

Abbott Lyon Initial NecklaceOne of my favorites because of its simplicity…yet something about the font and design makes it stand out on its own.

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