Full Album Stream: Mythologik – Blood in the Sky


Mythologik – Photo by Bryan Eckermann

Photo by Bryan Eckermann

San Antonio’s Mythologik is set to ignite with its debut full-length album, Blood in the Sky, dropping on June 14. This dynamic duo, featuring multi-instrumentalist Bryan Eckermann (known for his solo work and contributions to Scars of the Flesh and ex-Wings of Abaddon) and Joe Gregory (Valkyrie TX) on vocals, delivers a scorching blend of melodic blackened death metal and thrash.

Mythologik first caught our attention with their self-titled EP in 2023, laying the foundation of their unique sound. Now, with Blood in the Sky, they’ve turned up the heat, expanding on their initial vision with an album that is thematically rich and musically intense.

Here’s what Bryan and Joe had to say about their upcoming release:

Blood in the Sky is a thematic album based loosely on Milton’s Paradise Lost. It follows Lucifer’s banishment from Heaven and the ensuing war for revenge. The album explores his rollercoaster of emotions, from sorrow to rage and everything in between. It ends with ‘Epilogue,’ where a new God appears to wipe the slate clean and start over with a new world. Musically, it sits more in the realm of blackened death metal, but mixing in old-school ’80s thrash vocal styles, it becomes unique. We are excited to unleash this unto the world and see what follows!”

Get ready to immerse yourself in the fiery, emotional rollercoaster of Blood in the Sky. Whether you’re a fan of blackened death metal or ’80s thrash, Mythologik is ready to ride, and you can call shotgun with our exclusive full stream right here, right now, right below.

Like what you hear? Pre-order Blood in the Sky here.

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