Full Album Stream: Moral Putrefaction – “Moral Putrefaction”


Formed in 2015, death dealers Moral Putreaction have been grinding it out across the Indian and international music scenes for nearly a decade now. Releasing their first (and only) demo, Scum of the Earth, in 2019, Moral Putrefaction locally supported bands like Suffocation, Psycroptic and Immolation before going on to perform at Wacken in 2022. Those years of honing their sound come to a head on their debut album, a seven-song pure death metal ripper that you can stream below before its official release.

Moral Putrefaction is a death metal album through and through, with the quartet naming Morbid Angel, Bloodbath, Immolation and Gorguts as their primary influences. For the most part, Moral Putrefaction build their sound on an old-school base, occasionally throwing in blackened flourishes and often adding technical or dissonant flashes. Lyrically, the album centers around a number of hard topics relating to their home country: caste discrimination, political discrimination, colonialism and religious extremism, to name a few. These subjects are not only topical, they make for great death metal themes.

“This record is a culmination of songs written over 4-5 years since the inception of the band,” Moral Putrefaction tell Decibel. “We have done our best to stay true to our roots in death metal while exploring some darker and more technical aspects.

“While talking about different subjects, the songs predominantly talk about how apathetic and selfish we have become as human beings, and how politics have played a major role in all of our downfall.

“To all the great talents we had over the years that helped in the songwriting process, we’d like to express our massive gratitude!”

Check the album out below; Moral Putrefaction release it independently on May 24.

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